Posted by Terry on May 31, 2011

When the festival started the Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshops in 2009, we wondered where and how we’d show the student films created in each workshop.  The students brainstorm ideas and then pitch them to the workshop leaders – Scott Belyea, Scooter Corkle, and Michael Bourree – who then pick the most feasible idea and help the students shape it into a script and shoot it  Scott edits the footage and then the films have their world premiere a few days later. It is a quick and intense introduction to the world of filmmaking.

I had some trepidation about leading off the Best of the Fest film package with the student films.  Even though we would follow them with the best films as determined by audience voting, would our audience members want to watch films made by kids they didn’t know?

As it turned out, the answer was a resounding yes.  Audiences have really enjoyed them and now you can watch them too!

2011 Films

Causality Report (Alpha group)

A high school student must fix his mistakes before they fix him.

There’s An App For That (Bravo group)

A group of teens are magically transported to the past using an iPhone.

The Afterlove (Charlie group)

A hopeless romantic must get a life to find a way back to his love.

2010 Films

The Wallflowers (Alpha group)

Young love blossoms at a high school dance.

Ninja Revenge (Bravo group)

A young man must learn the ways of the ninja to avenge a fallen loved one.

The Big One (Charlie group)

A hunting trip turns sideways when the hunters become the hunted.

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