Here Now & Hereafter (2017)

2017 Festival

Thur, May 11 @ 8:45 pm – GPLT

Presented by Oliver’s Funeral Home.
A thriller, a sci fi drama, and an afterlife rom com are a few of the genres included in this diverse package of films that in some way deal with death. There will be a Q&A with Paul Bailey, the Writer/Producer/Actor of THE LAST ONE, after the screening.

The Cameraman

A boy must cope with a father suffering from Huntington’s Disease and a younger brother who records their lives with his Super 8 camera. Won the Grand Prix International Competition at the 2016 Paris Courts Devant.

The Last One

Matthew has a close relationship with his parents but he lies to them when he says he’s going out on a date. He doesn’t want to admit to them that there is no date. He’s alone and he’ll need to develop a way to cope with it. Won Best Actor for Paul Bailey at the…


While crossing the street against a red light, a man gets hit by a car. Five days after the fatal accident, he wakes up in the shower with eleven marks on his wrist. He slips, breaks his neck, and suddenly stands in an elevator – with only ten marks left. A fight for survival against…

A Loft in Paradise (Un Loft au Paradis)

Vincent and Emma die in a car accident and find themselves in a large and modern loft. It is paradise, but Charlotte, who is Emma’s sister and Vincent’s lover, wants to contact them in the afterlife and tell her sister about their affair. When Vincent realizes that communication between the sisters is possible, he must…

Acito on the Mound

After an old friend’s funeral, a man recalls a baseball game they played together in 1963 when his friend had to dig deep to find the moxie needed to get himself out of a disastrous inning. Told with humor and affection, the story brings to life the spirit of baseball and the players who love…


After a troubled childhood and adolescence, a young man falls in love with the woman of his dreams, but a sudden event changes the course of his life forever. Won the Audience Award at the 2017 European Film Festival.