Films for 2022

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A scarecrow’s easy life is turned upside down by the arrival of a hardworking new neighbour who’s eager to keep the crows off his property.

A terrible phone call from her father shakes Laura’s world, but her younger sister’s behavior disturbs her even more. Won the Syfy Award for Best Spanish Short Film at the 2020 San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.

He survived a dogfight with The Red Baron. He was one of the first barnstormers. He connected the world to the Arctic. He helped invent search and rescue in WW2. Wilfrid “Wop” May was an Edmonton hero who had sight in only one eye when he became a legendary bush pilot after the war. Won…

BoxBallet still

When a delicate ballerina meets a rough boxer, shy feelings draw them together, but will their contrasting worlds drive them apart? Nominated for an Academy Award in 2022 for Best Animated Short Film.

As a woman takes an old elevator up to the apartment that she has just moved into, the phone in the elevator rings which begins a chain of events that terrify her.

A teenage cutter in recovery and her controlling mother are haunted by a ghost who seeks revenge. Won Best Screenplay at the 2022 Romfort Film Festival.

A jilted lover bakes up some revenge for her ex’s birthday. Won the Frantic Audience Choice Award at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

All Don wants is a quiet life in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans. Won Best Comedy Short at the 2021 Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Sonya Sier.

With the goal of proving that the earth is flat, a man travels to space in his homemade rocket. Will he find the truth out there?

A young boy scout gives himself the mission to liberate his friend from her house since her dad won’t let her go to camp.

In the near future, a desperate woman seeks the services of an illegal abortion clinic following the adoption of an anti-abortion law. Won Honorable Mention, Best Canadian Short at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

A French soldier is sent to scout for an unknown object that fell from the sky in no man’s land on the Vosges frontline on Christmas Eve, 1916. As he encounters a German soldier sent on the same mission, they raise their rifles, ready to shoot, until they realize who has crashed and needs their…

An orangutan in Borneo catches sight of something bright floating down through the forest canopy. She follows it, not realizing it has the power to change her world.

Gruf is a graffiti character who comes to life and falls in love with the street artist who created him. He desperately tries to find her in the shabby streets of Tel Aviv and discovers that interdimensional love is not easy. Won Best Animation (over 5 minutes) at the 2021 Bristol International Short Film Festival…

A preteen girl tries to escape the constant hovering of her overly protective helicopter mom.

Hold For Applause Image

During the lockdown, everyone in Spain shows their gratitude to the health care workers by applauding from their windows at 8pm. Greg would like to join them but he’s too busy dealing with an international online relationship crisis. Won Best Short Film at the 2021 Huetor Vega Short Film Festival among other awards.

A cricket faces many challenges on his quest for water on a hot sunny day.

In this modern interpretation of a classic Scandinavian folk tale, a man and his little daughter spend a couple of extra days at their lake cottage in hopes that their missing cat will return. As strange events begin to occur, he wonders if something else is trying to find a way in.

Two middle-aged sisters meet at their late mother’s apartment to clean it out. One wants to get rid of everything as quickly as possible while the other lingers over every little thing that once belonged to their mother. How will they get through everything when they can’t agree on a coffee mug?

When a neighbour suggests to an older couple that they rent their son’s room to tourists, the old man is against it, but his wife talks him into it. Even though they’ve never gotten over the death of their only child in the war, they need the money, but Marko is deeply troubled by having…

Amidst the ruins of the Syrian girls’ school she used to attend, Ayeh (nicknamed “Ayeh Ronaldo” for her magnificent playing skills) talks about her love of football and the last game she played there.

Tom attends his estranged father’s funeral only to find out that his father had been a spy all along, and his funeral is filled with spy villains from his past. Won Best Live Action Short Film (Canada) at the 2021 Edmonton International Film Festival among other awards. Won the Youth Audience Choice Award at the…

Please Hold still

A young man’s life is suddenly derailed as he finds himself at the mercy of automated “justice.” Nominated for an Academy Award in 2022 for Best Live Action Short Film. Won the Audience Choice Award at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

A psychiatrist asks his patient to once again relate the story of how he came to attempt suicide so that the doctor can assess whether he can safely release the young man from the psychiatric ward.

Bernard Bosa has been offering vibration sessions in Quebec for more than 10 years. As he makes a didgeridoo, he talks about the process of transforming a dead tree into an instrument and how vibration can heal emotional pain.

When young fossil hunter Mary Anning finds something truly remarkable in the Jurassic cliffs of Dorset, she finds herself locked in an ideological battle with a devious auctioneer and the soon-to-crumble worldviews of 19th century England.

While making a corporate film for new employees, middle-aged Barry’s normal day gets out of hand as he demonstrates the standard working procedures used while cleaning crime scenes where demons have wreaked havoc. Won Best International Short Film at the 2021 Toronto After Dark Festival among other awards.

A four-inch-long pet turtle named Snowy has lived an isolated life in the family basement. This documentary is both an investigation into animal happiness and an intervention to improve one turtle’s life. Won the Special Jury Award for Best Comedy Short at the 2021 Palm Springs International ShortFest among other awards. Won Honorable Mention, Best…

A farm of instrument animals welcomes a new member who must find a different way to fit in.

Minutes before takeoff, a passenger on a commercial flight refuses to sit down in an attempt to prevent the deportation of a man on board. Won Best Nordic Short Film at the 2020 Nordisk Panorama among other awards. Won Best Live Action Short Under 15 Minutes Award at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

A British chimney sweeper in 1840 describes his everyday routine of forcing young children to work as a “climbing boy”. Won Special Jury Prize for Animation at the 2022 Big Muddy Film Festival among other awards.

With bathing suit season just around the corner, Steve decides he can no longer indulge his sweet tooth for cookies, but he’ll need more than willpower when an ambitious Cookie Scout darkens his doorway, dead set on the sale. Won Best Animation at the 2021 SF IndieFest.

In a town in Turkey, a young couple wants to spend the night together, but they are rejected from hotels because they do not have a marriage certificate. When they think they have found a way, the situation gets out of hand. Won Audience Choice Award at the 2021 San Diego International ShortsFest among other…

A ten-year-old girl is thrilled when her mother finally agrees to let her have a dog, but she begins to suspect that her mother isn’t telling her what’s really going on. A short film adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s bestselling book. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Welcome Home Pictures. Won the…

Kathleen is a hairdresser. Always has been. Always will be. Even at 83, she’s still doing hair. But not in the way one would expect. Her work is special. Won Best Documentary Short and Best Canadian Short at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong. Won Best Horror Comedy Short at the 2022 Nevermore Film Festival among other awards.

Marie and Janne have learned how to cope with the zombie apocalypse, but can their marriage survive the petty quarrels and boring sex life? Won the Jury Award for Best Short Film at the 2021 Mile High Horror Film Festival.

A mysterious artist seeks to immortalize her subjects with her camera. Won the Frantic Best Film Award at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

Bernd Ziegler’s childhood dream of becoming a train driver came true, but the nightmare of unintentionally killing people who jump in front of his train was something he had to learn to live with.

Jim Abernethy is a conservationist and ecotourism operator who discovered the “affectionate” side of large predatory sharks more than 20 years ago after removing a fishing hook from the jaws of a tiger shark. Since then, he has removed thousands of hooks from sharks in the warm,clear waters off the Bahamas, and has brought divers…

A teenager wants to become the best hockey player in her league. Her father, acting as her personal trainer, expects no less. But when she secures a coveted trophy, whose win is it? Won Honorable Mention, Best Canadian Short at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

What really goes into making the perfect turkey dinner? For answers, cue The Man.

In a land where the rain never stops, a young girl plays under the protective “umbrella-beard” of her father. When her dog disappears, she must face her great fear, the rain. Won the Best Animated Short Award at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

Filmed by current Delta State students, this documentary brings to life an important story about the first black students admitted to the university in 1966. Their struggle for recognition, inclusion and fair treatment culminated in the quickly-escalating events of March 10, 1969 when they held a sit-in on campus. The original students involved relive the…