Films for 2017

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A documentary that looks at the humanitarian crisis in Europe from the perspective of Álvaro, a Spanish volunteer who works at Idomeni, one of the refugee camps in northern Greece. Winner of the 2017 Best Documentary Short Award.

An emergency dispatcher receives a call from a woman who wants to order pizza. Annoyed about the crank call, he is about to hang up on her until he realizes that it might not be a joke.

Washington, September 13, 1993 – History is being made, except for one last wrinkle to iron out.

Vincent and Emma die in a car accident and find themselves in a large and modern loft. It is paradise, but Charlotte, who is Emma’s sister and Vincent’s lover, wants to contact them in the afterlife and tell her sister about their affair. When Vincent realizes that communication between the sisters is possible, he must…

A young woman moves into a new high rise building. She is the first and only resident. When she sees a man watching her from inside the high rise across the street, she’s alarmed because she’s been told nobody lives there yet. Every day, she passes the refugee tent city in the park on her…

After an old friend’s funeral, a man recalls a baseball game they played together in 1963 when his friend had to dig deep to find the moxie needed to get himself out of a disastrous inning. Told with humor and affection, the story brings to life the spirit of baseball and the players who love…

A little orphan meets the Grim Reaper and would rather hang out with him than return to her orphanage. The servant of Death ends up with an unwanted sidekick as he tries to complete the task he was sent to do.

A young woman doesn’t feel comfortable with her body and is nervous about an important interview the next day. Her mother’s advice only makes things worse. After storming out of the apartment, she meets Lola, an experience that will change her self-perception.

The story of a rock’s transformation from a mountain to a particle of sand and back again as it is affected by time, erosion, and human civilization. Won the 2016 BAFTA/LA Student Film Award Special Jury Prize.

After a car accident, a little girl is helped by a scrap dealer. He takes her to an old warehouse where he has his workshop and she discovers an enchanted world.

A bovine diva wants to be respected for more than just her dairy products in this animated musical short featuring a previously unreleased song by Howard Ashman & Alan Menken. Won Best Animated Short at the 2016 Cleveland International Film Festival.

After a troubled childhood and adolescence, a young man falls in love with the woman of his dreams, but a sudden event changes the course of his life forever. Won the Audience Award at the 2017 European Film Festival.

Jojo is 15 years old and wants to go on tour with her boyfriend Toni and his crazy band, but a pregnancy test confirms her fear that she’s pregnant, her father won’t let her go if he finds out, and her boyfriend has something he wants to tell her.

Arianne is a divorced mother obsessed with the idea that her ex-husband might take her baby away from her. At a birthday party, a mysterious old woman tells Arianne that a man is following her. Back at home with her little baby, Arianne will have to fight something a lot darker than her deepest fears,…

Only an old librarian, the caretaker, and a young boy are inside a magnificent library when a shelf of books collapses which sets off a chain reaction of epic proportions in this allegorical look at the future of printed books in a digital age.

Jamal is a young Gambian migrant in Italy. He’s emotionally scarred by the deaths he saw on his desperate journey across the Mediterranean Sea. When a wonderful opportunity requires him to travel cross the sea again, his fear is a barrier that may prevent him from taking advantage of it.

A young priest is sent to a remote island off the Irish coast to help protect an isolated fishing community from dark supernatural forces, but nothing is as it seems. Won the European Grand Prix Best Short Film at the 2016 Fantasporto Festival. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and TW Films…

While on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean Sea, Jonas and Silvia discover an overloaded refugee boat that’s close to sinking. There are too many people for them to rescue, and thus begins a series of difficult decisions as they try to help the refugees. Won Best Live Action Short Over 15 Minutes at the…

A twelve-year-old child solder manages to escape the clutches of his rebel masters, but he cannot escape the trauma he endured as the past intrudes into the present and brings him back to the moment he stood in front of his parents and sister with a terrible decision to make.

A weathered sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on. Nominated for an Oscar in 2017 for Best Animated Short. Winner of the 2017…

A young man can’t help but notice the young woman who sleeps on the bus every day. She wakes just in time to get off at her stop, except for today. He’s too shy to talk to her, so how can he wake her up in time?

While staying with her aunt at a Norwegian campground, a Romanian teen fantasizes about having a carefree summer with her new friend, but expectations are pushing her into the same line of work as her aunt. Won Best International Short under 15 minutes at the 2016 Festival Internazionale Milano. Winner of the 2017 Best Live…

The city’s self-appointed hero, The Dark Blackness, has a problem: he keeps getting his sidekicks killed. Finding himself fresh out of child wards, he comes up with an unlikely solution to his staffing problems.

Directed by his niece, this documentary reveals how Charles “Checker” Tomkins, a Métis soldier from Grouard, Alberta, became involved with the US Air Force during the Second World War. Digging deep into US archives, it depicts the true story of how Charles became part of a communication system that transmitted crucial military communications using the…

Clinging to a smooth, curved surface high above a black abyss, a young woman tries to cover the few feet back to safety while beneath her, strange sounds emanate up from the darkness.. Won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the 2016 Knoxville Horror Film Fest among many other awards.

A desert fox tries to get rid of the puppy that keeps following him.


While crossing the street against a red light, a man gets hit by a car. Five days after the fatal accident, he wakes up in the shower with eleven marks on his wrist. He slips, breaks his neck, and suddenly stands in an elevator – with only ten marks left. A fight for survival against…

When a maid comes to clean the house and vacuums up all but one of the dust bunnies, the one remaining dust bunny must overcome his fears to rescue his friends.

A boy plans a special gift for his mother.

Fabrizio loves his girlfriend and is feverishly looking forward to the “first time” with her, but where should it happen? It should be romantic and above all private! He comes up with an inspired plan with his friends to acquire an old car and turn it into a clandestine love nest. Won the Crystal Bear…

A songwriter must decide what lines he’s willing to cross when a dark entity starts providing him with inspiration in exchange for an ever increasing price. Won Best Cinematographer at the 2016 Show Me Shorts Film Festival.

A curious little hedgehog wakes from his winter sleep and leaves his den to watch a beautiful night sky, but he gets lost in the snowy woods and must embark on a dangerous adventure as he searches for his den.

A genius deviant uses a wirelessly controlled robotic fly with a camera in its head to spy on his ex-girlfriend. FlySpy is a hybrid of traditional film and virtual reality with two different versions: one for a traditional screen and one for VR headsets. Won Best Dramatic Short Film at the 2016 Arizona International Film…

In a world where people’s hearts are on the outside and exhibit the qualities of a pet, Mary loses her lovable Skip.

In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal extincts.

For generations, Laos was known as the Land of a Million Elephants, but today there are only about 400 left in Laos. This documentary explores how deforestation and tourism play a role in the impending extinction of elephants in Laos.

A young boy is barred from school until he has better shoes, but his parents can’t afford to buy him any. His entrepreneurial spirit must find a way to buy the shoes himself. Winner of the 2017 Youth Audience Choice Award.

Kyra is a talented cellist who starts having anxiety attacks after one of the strings on her cello comes loose during a concert. She tries everything to alleviate her panic but nothing seems to work. Will this moment ruin her career? Won Best Narrative Short at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival among other awards.

A lonely man’s attempt to build a machine to hug him has unintended consequences.

As a young couple arrives in Los Angeles after a cross-country road trip with all of their belongings, their car is commandeered in a police chase. They set out on a quest to get it back, but their relationship is strained to the breaking point in the process. Can they recover what they had ……

At an open mike night, Kerri is about to make her debut when she gets a call from her future self, telling her to leave before she goes on stage. She’s grateful for the warning, but when the calls continue, she begins to question if avoiding mistakes has made her life any happier.

Ingrid and her best friend Conrad experience a lifetime of memories together when they imagine what it would be like to time travel through a black hole. Won Best Canadian Short Film at the 2016 Edmonton International Film Festival among other awards. There will be a Q&A with Leah Johnston after the screening.

During a school dance, a shy chameleon seeks the attention of his crush, but he is so nervous that he can’t help but become invisible when she looks at him

On his first day on the job, a man’s boss lectures him about proper behaviour, dress code, and use of equipment, but he has a surprisingly difficult time obeying orders.

A 91-year-old Holocaust survivor donates his violin to an instrument drive, changing the life of a 12-year-old schoolgirl from the Bronx and, unexpectedly, his own. Nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject Academy Award in 2017.

As the Queen walks to her carriage at Buckingham Palace, a gust of wind blows her hat away. Her Corgi dog is determined to retrieve it, but so is one of the guards. Which one will succeed at returning her hat to the Queen?

This profile documentary on 12-year-old New York jazz drummer Kojo Odu Roney won the 2016 Harlem International Film Festival Award for Most Remarkable Young Person on Screen as well as the 2016 New York Jazz Film Festival Award for Best Traditional Short Documentary Based on a Jazz Musician.

For many years, a woman has waved at the express train that passes her house every morning and evening. While mowing the lawn, she finds a letter from the conductor that he tossed from the speeding train. She mails a response and so starts a correspondence between them that brightens her lonely life. Inspired by…

Mildred’s parents run a dying parlor out of their home and she resents having to help with the family business. Their clients are geriatrics about to die, but one day, an unexpected client comes to call.

A divorcing couple packs up their home, violently splitting their shared memories. Photos, albums and records are cut to pieces, but what about the mixtapes they gave each other long ago? Will they be destroyed as well?

At first, Felix doubts that the monster visiting his younger sister at night is real, but when he discovers that it does exist, he comes up with a plan to protect her from the next attack. Won Jury Prize for Best Film at the 2015 Festival SPASM in Montreal.

Moonwolves love shiny things and fireflies, but most of all, they love the moon. One night, they decide they love it so much that they must go there.

A small girl befriends a very large wolf that has frightened the whole village. She takes care of him while his wounded paw heals and keeps him hidden from the villagers, but what can she do to keep him from eating the sheep?

Abigail’s younger brother is the most annoying brother in the world, especially since he’s a zombie! When Abigail gets fed up with taking care of him, she makes a decision that could change their relationship forever.

A young woman wakes in the middle of the night to find strange bite marks on her leg.

When Liz and Max take an unexpected opportunity to eavesdrop on their take-out delivery man, their curiosity pulls them into a situation that rapidly spirals out of their control.

When a man tries to unsubscribe from an email list, the process is much more complicated than he thought it would be.

Paul is a sculptor in France, 1919. He travels from village to village erecting memorials to the soldiers who died in the war, but when he arrives in the small town of Sancerre, a grief-stricken father insists that his son’s name should be added to the monument but the others in the village refuse to…

The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before. Won the Audience Award at the 2016 Kinemastik International Short Film Festival among other awards.

This inspiring documentary follows the journey of a Stage 4 cancer patient who dreams of walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago across Spain. Told by his doctors that he can’t make the trip, he does the next best thing. He creates his own camino behind his house. Won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at…

When a busy wife and mother wakes up to a world in which every adult has received a star rating floating above their head, she must own up to the behaviour that has earned her a two-and-a-half star rating. Won Best Short at the 2016 Sonoma International Film Festival among other awards.

Josh’s father starts making him rice balls for his school lunch even though Josh prefers the sandwiches that his recently deceased mother used to make him. Josh’s father wants to connect him to his cultural heritage, but will this simple lunchtime ritual drive them farther apart or help them to overcome the pain of losing…

A drummer boy and a dancing monkey are rival street performers who chase after a coin that’s been dropped in the street. Their struggle to keep the coin from the other as each regains possession of it has surprising results.

A starving rat thinks the moon is made out of cheese so he builds a rocket ship that will take him there.

A young stag, lacking impressive antlers, finds a new way to make beautiful music for the Spring Jam. Won Audience Award at the 2016 Leeds International Short Film Festival. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Oneedo Studio.

A technical failure dooms an orbiting Russian cosmonaut. He is ordered to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere, a process that will destroy all evidence of his existence. While postponing the inevitable, an unexpected conversation with a young girl changes both of them.

Gun-loving Dorian aspires to cook breakfast for the man handcuffed to her bed, but her plans get derailed when she cracks open an egg and a baby chick falls out. When she realizes the creature is alive, she tries to kill it and a war of wits ensues.

After being diagnosed with ALS at the age of 26, award-winning photographer Anthony Carbajal must adapt to the disease that slowly but inexorably robs him of his abilities. Driven and persistent, he discovers that he can still take photos from his wheelchair. This documentary shows how living with a terminal illness has helped him to…

A dark and stormy night. An innocent babysitter all alone. An escaped psychopath out for blood. You know how this story will play out… Or do you? Won the Audience Award for Best Short at the 2016 Dead by Dawn Film Festival among other awards. Winner of the 2017 Audience Choice Award.

A boy must cope with a father suffering from Huntington’s Disease and a younger brother who records their lives with his Super 8 camera. Won the Grand Prix International Competition at the 2016 Paris Courts Devant.

A trio of kidnappers are faced with an unexpected dilemma when their wealthy victim calls their bluff and counters with an even better offer. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Six Mile Hill Productions.

When a charismatic Kosher butcher loses his job and canot find work at other Kosher butchers, he decides to pretend to be Muslim in order to get work at a Halal butcher shop. Won Best Comedy Short Film at the 2016 Cleveland International Film Festival among other awards.

Roles are reversed when a controlling mom is trapped in her son’s video game. Helpless, she now has to listen to him if she hopes to escape the unfamiliar game world.

Willie Bingham is the first man to undergo a radical new justice program. The government has introduced Progressive Amputation as a controversial punishment for capital crime and as a deterrent to school children who might have criminal tendencies. Won Best Short Film at the 2016 Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival.

Javier lives by the golf course among the musical trees, the dune tunnel, and the phone cemetery. For several days, he’s been spying on a beautiful girl who sunbathes in the middle of a golf course bunker. Finally, he builds up the nerve to talk to her.

A young woman wakes up in a barn. She is gagged and her hands and feet are tied. When she inadvertently makes a noise, an armed man enters the barn. Can she escape? Won Shocking Short Award at the 2016 FilmFest München.

Matthew has a close relationship with his parents but he lies to them when he says he’s going out on a date. He doesn’t want to admit to them that there is no date. He’s alone and he’ll need to develop a way to cope with it. Won Best Actor for Paul Bailey at the…

Planning a kidnapping is not easy and the ransom note needs to be very clear. Who better to consult about such matters than one’s lawyer?

German-Jewish athlete Margaret Lambert was barred from competing in Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympic Games despite being one of the best high jumpers in the world. At age 102, she tells her story in this documentary about a woman with an indomitable spirit.

In 1915, an estimated 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Turks in what historians call the first genocide of the 20th century. In 2015, a Turkish woman discovers that her great grandmother was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. This documentary follows Maya as she goes to Armenia to take part in the…

An American medic is injured in combat and trapped in no-man’s-land. He is forced to seek shelter in a pit, but he’s not the only one in there.

In a snaking queue line at airport immigration, a man spots a beautiful stranger. Does he dare say something? Express his true feelings aloud? Can so much passion be conveyed any other way than in song?

Bernard is an austere man whose sole occupation is caring for his beloved wife who is very ill. Their son organizes a sugaring off party that reconnects Bernard with the exhilaration of spring.

Two men and a car that’s about to be towed. Too bad for the owner that he parked in the wrong spot. Someone’s going to have to pay for the tow.

In a world where wishes are granted by mythical creatures that live under fountains, an apathetic Wishgranter is forced to go aboveground to grant a wish of love. Won the Animation Student Academy Award.

Two criminals make the mistake of getting rid of a body in the wrong place.

A grumpy space garbage man scours the Earth’s atmosphere for salvageable metals until the day he encounters an alien with a more powerful magnetic force than his own ship. Does this mean war?

A plain little bird feels that he must take extraordinary measures to gain the attention of a beautiful yellow bird he is too shy to approach.

It’s Aron’s seventh birthday and there’s a magician doing magic tricks at his party. Aron isn’t that interested until the magician makes a rabbit disappear in front of his eyes. Then the boy knows that his secret wish could be possible.


The deterioration of one thing becomes the foundation for another in this visually stunning short film that combines time-lapse photography with CG to create a new reality as it explores the effects of time and change on the world’s seemingly permanent cycles.