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An outlaw confronts the most dangerous sheriff in the Old West.

A Good Feeling

A substitute masseuse has an unexpected effect on an Olympic hopeful when she inspires the first erection he’s had since the accident that made him a paraplegic.

After the End

For Rene Fustercluck, life was bad, the Apocalypse was awful, and then Gordon arrives. Perhaps the only thing worse than being the last man on earth is being the second to last man on earth! Facebook This trailer is rated 14+ (Nudity) and has language that may offend.

Albertine is an elderly widow who spends her time going to funerals or sitting in her apartment, planning her own. Then one evening, her attempt to change a lightbulb is interrupted by a knock on the door. As she plans for the end of her life, is it possible there might be a new beginning?…

The silent routine of five nuns living in the West Bank is disturbed when an Israeli family’s car breaks down outside the convent. Unable to use the telephone due to Sabbath restrictions, the family must ask the nuns for assistance, but helping the family necessitates breaking their vow of silence. When religious customs collide, an…

An old bear goes out every day to a street corner where he sets up a wooden theatre containing tin puppets. For a coin, the bear will set the mechanisms in motion, the marionettes will start to move, and a story will unfold of a circus bear who longs to escape and return to his…


Bob is an accomplished expert in his field and his works have made history worldwide. Yet he often feels misunderstood as an air of gloom surrounds the unveiling of his art.

When two estranged brothers meet for coffee, it becomes apparent that they both want the same thing but only one can have it.

An apprehensive homeless girl must traverse a dangerous, wintry city in order to escape her adorable pursuers.

A chase begins in the savannah when a vulture flies away with a fruit watched over by a group of meerkats. Trailer:

Figures drawn on the pages of a book come to life and move from page to page until one of them falls down a hole. Can the cat and the dog stop fighting long enough to get help?

A brand new alarm clock is eager to ring for the first time, but will he be able to do it?


A father-son road trip to Paris to see a football match appears ruined when their car breaks down, but they can still make it to the game if they accept an invitation to join a busload of rowdy fans. Won the Special Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury for Best Short Film at the…

Colorful Lunch Strategies

On the flowery meadows of the Italian Alps, life is dominated by color. Bumblebees fly to the colourful flowers to collect nectar while spiders use color as camouflage, quietly waiting for prey.

When a young boy tries to make money by cutting lawns, his best customer ends up being the man who pays him to go away and stop bothering him. When the boy’s older brother learns of this, they begin a campaign of harassment in hopes of a much bigger payoff.

After her divorce, an Afghan-American woman joins the U.S. military as an interpreter. On her first mission in Afghanistan, she accompanies troops pursuing a bomb-maker and must bridge the gender and culture gap to help the man’s pregnant wife when she goes into labour. Nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for Best Live Action Short.…

De Smet

When a voluptuous woman moves in across the street, one of the De Smet brothers abandons the efficient routine that governs their lives. Won the Canal+ Award (International Competition) at the 2015 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival among other awards. Facebook Trailer:

When door-to-door “Death” salesman Christopher Crumples calls on wealthy, refined, and fabulously difficult Mrs. Patterson, he struggles to close a routine expiration deal. Posing a simple, yet macabre, question, this film ponders what any of us would do if Death came knocking at our door: accept the first offer or negotiate for better terms.

A Kenyan teenager moves to the UK with his mother with high hopes, but soon becomes homesick as he struggles to fit in at his new school. An unlikely friendship with a classmate could be the first sign that his new life will be better than his previous one.

In a grocery store in Lausanne, Switzerland, a father loses patience with his disobedient child. A bystander intervenes to express her concern. Other customers join in. The situation becomes chaotic as language barriers and prejudice escalate the conflict. Won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the 2014 Leeds International Film Festival among other…

After a failed suicide attempt, George’s reflection turns its back on him and George must go to great depths to get it back. Won Best Film and Best Screenplay at the 2014 Show Me Shorts Film Festival.

Bad days can happen to anyone, even the Grim Reaper. Won First Prize at the 2015 Film Festival of Laughter in Croatia. Winner of the 2016 Youth Audience Choice Award.

Belinda is heartbroken when an unsympathetic care worker confiscates her treasured picture of Peggy Lee. Determined to cheer her up, Alexander smuggles them both out of the home to visit a 1940s jazz club. Won the Children’s Jury Prize for Live Action Short at the 2015 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival among other awards. Screened…

An eight-year-old girl is excited to see her father when he picks her up for the weekend, but soon she gets the sense that something isn’t right. Nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for Best Live Action Short. Trailer:

In 2014, a decade of repressive government has been imposed on Turkey citizens when the Istanbul police come knocking at a woman’s door. They’re after the political activist she helped hide during demonstrations. When she refuses to cooperate, her husband’s fear of reprisal forces him to take action. Won 2015 Golden Student Academy Award (Foreign…

On the day he’s leaving for college, Billy’s relationship with his overbearing father is tested when they play a heated game of foosball.

When Mathias and Alex meet one early morning at a small parking lot in the middle of nowhere, they have a goal that must be accomplished before anyone else arrives. Will they succeed? Or will this be the last time they attempt their whimsical undertaking?

A cocoa-loving deer must clean up a mess every morning that’s caused by an earthquake every night. But one day, he discovers the truth and that changes everything!

On a piñata ranch, a boy enjoys playing with one of the livestock and fears that his father will take him to market.

A young man is suddenly help captive by his own family but it is unclear who he is trying to escape from. Won Audience Award Best Short Film at the 2014 Bel-Air Film Festival.

While dissecting a frog in Biology class, a Grade 7 boy senses the approaching power of adulthood and speculates about what he would do if he were God. Trailer:

In 1796, a poor day labourer is offered work in Gloucestershire, England, but only if he agrees to let his son be used in a medical experiment. Won Best Composer at the 2014 Underwire Film Festival.

Kat and her eco-warrior friends work to expose a bio-chemistry company’s animal testing, but it soon becomes clear the company is willing to test on more than just animals.

When their friend dies in a base-jumping accident, Joachim and Øyvind plan to scatter his ashes while they make the same jump that killed him. Impending fatherhood has forced Joachim to promise that this will be his last base jump. When a storm approaches and his friend wants to turn back, Joachim is determined to…

Strange things begin to happen after mountaineers disturb a dormant sickness while climbing in the Rocky Mountains. There will be a Q&A with Producer Eric Durnford after the first screening.

A writer and his muse craft a story about a man who’s afraid to leave his house and the friend he relies upon to be his only contact with the outside world. There will be a Q&A with Monty Simo after the screening.

Jenny Lutkins struggled with her weight and body image after giving birth to her son. After endless diets and efforts to get into shape, she found something that clicked for her – weightlifting. This documentary shows how she overcame depression and became an Olympic weightlifting coach working with young women to improve their strength, health,…

An ordinary icon takes on new meaning as a husband and wife react differently to a tragic loss.

A New York City motorman is haunted by visions after a tragic subway incident. Won Best Documentary at the 2015 Miami Short Film Festival.

An acupuncturist learns that her female patient is moving away after years of treatment. Won Best Horror Short Film at the 2015 Atlanta Shortsfest among other awards.

In a primary school classroom, teacher Liliane anxiously awaits an important phone call. Her student Mathieu is even more of a disturbance than usual, but he finds a way to brighten her day after she receives the distressing call.

Able to see each other through their high-rise windows, two young girls become friends. When one of them must move away, she tries to find her friend’s apartment so she can say goodbye in person.

When Zahed was an Iranian boy in the army during the Iran-Iraq war, he spared the life of Zahed, an injured Iraqi soldier. Twenty years later, they met by chance in Vancouver. This documentary shows how two former enemies became blood brothers for life. Won Founders Prize for Best Documentary Short Film at the 2015…

In 1953, the first virgin birth was called a hoax. Then it became common. Soon, only daughters were being born. Over sixty years later, Andrew Myers, a 37-year-old housekeeper for a family of women, is the youngest man on earth. Quiet and unassuming, he finds himself at the center of a battle to keep men…

None of That

A Night Museum Guard has his work cut out for him when an elusive intruder starts covering up all the nude artwork. There’s only one thing he can do to protect the art from censorship, but will it work?

Armed with his imagination and a cardboard submarine, 12-year-old Ruan dives into the unknown, searching for the healing Angel Jellyfish in a valiant attempt to save his terminally ill father. Won Best Film at the 2015 Apex Film Festival among other awards.

Mathieu narrowly escapes the police after they spot him doing graffiti, but there’s more to his actions than simple street art. Won Short Cuts Award for Best Canadian Film at the 2015. Toronto International Film Festival.

A brutal battle takes place 2,400 years ago between Spartan and Athenian warriors. Nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for Best Animated Short. Richard Williams talks about the film:

A mountain climber’s priorities are put to the test when his efforts to conquer the Ram’s Horn mountain are thwarted by a stubborn mountain goat and its adorable offspring.

In a near future, the brain chip Reality+ acts on your sensory perceptions in a way that allows you to see yourself with the perfect physique. Anyone implanted with the chip can see your new appearance and you can see theirs, but the chip can only be activated for 12 hours a day. What do…

As she is forced to terminate her only child, a malfunctioning 13-year-old android, a woman tries to convince her husband to adopt a human child despite the risks inherent in doing so.

A struggling painter takes a commission to restore a painting for a wealthy dealer. When strange things begin to happen, he tries to back out of the deal, but if fame is the reward, can he turn down this opportunity?


A street musician depends on his metronome to keep time while he performs, but its theft and an encounter with a stray dog change his approach to music and to life.

In this new short film from Pixar Animation Studios, Sanjay Patel uses his own experience to tell the story of a young Indian-American boy who is absorbed in the world of cartoons and comics while his father tries to draw him into the traditions of his Hindu practice. The boy’s boredom disappears when he embarks…

As war engulfs Kosovo in 1998, the friendship of two boys is tested as escalating violence threatens them and their families. Nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for Best Live Action Short. Trailer:

Love takes a beating in this tale of domestic abuse perpetrated by the supposedly fairer sex. There will be a Q&A with Actress Kristiane Nerdrum Bøgwald after the screening.

Tensions rise when a flirtatious game of one-upmanship turns an office into a battleground. There will be a Q&A with Chris Beauchamp and Cris Seppola-Podsada as well as key cast members after the screening.

A young girl helps a tiny pilot with a broken flying machine in this delightful fable about the wonders of flight. Won 2015 Student Academy Award (Animation).

A man enters a shop looking for something but doesn’t know what it is. The shopkeeper seems unsurprised and remarkably well-prepared to discover what it is that his customer seeks and to provide it for him.

Alpinist Mick Follari fled to the mountains from a tragic past, finding solace on alpine expeditions. His dreams of a climbing legacy are suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by the impending birth of his child. He struggles to embrace a new life and a new identity, but not before a dangerous and remote expedition in Afghanistan.

In 1999, the marble craze hit an all-time high at Maxy’s school. His marble collection has grown and the school bully makes sure that it won’t surpass his own. How can Maxy get back what’s his against the bigger and stronger bully?

Pluto’s friend convinces him to compete in a dance-off so that he can become a planet.

Damien lives with his Granny in a remote cottage in rural Ireland. Late one night, Granny wakes him to say they have a visitor. Not only must Damien distract the strange creature, but he must also romance her. If he and the banshee kiss before dawn, Granny will be saved. Screened with the kind permission…

When a man, who is eloquent on the inside but outwardly silent due to a severe stutter, learns that the woman he’s exchanged online messages with for 6 months is in town and wants to meet, his fear of revealing his speech impediment may cause him to lose her completely. Nominated for an Oscar in…

When her car breaks down and a handsome stranger offers to give her a ride, Emily begins to realize there is more to Sweet Hollow Road than she ever could have imagined. Won Best Horror Film at the 2015 Another Hole in the Head Film Festival.

When a busy father drops his son off to spend the day with Grandpa, the Radio Flyer wagon that he played with as a boy alters the course of his day.

Two severed heads wake up in a fridge and begin planning their escape from the psycho barber who put them there. First thing they have to do is get re-attached to their bodies before running away becomes an option!

The Best Sound in the World

While his friends like collecting action figures, toy cars, or comic books, Vinicius collects sounds and he is on a quest to find and record the best sound in the world.

A disgruntled customer bursts into a cell phone sales office wielding a rifle and making demands. They’ve got three minutes to comply…

A timid housewife is jolted into a fight for her survival or sanity when she thinks she hears her new partner at a weekly bridge game whisper a shocking threat. Won Audience Award for Best Short Film at the 2015 DC Shorts Film Festival among others.

Zoey’s first night as a superhero is nearly ruined when she’s given a sexy and impractical uniform. Won First Prize for Best Comedy Short at the 2015 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Carlotta doesn’t know what to draw when her class is assigned the task of drawing animals that start with the letter M. Finally, inspiration strikes but her creation doesn’t do what she wants it to.

To celebrate his eleventh birthday, a boy goes with his mother to the local hardware store in Tupelo, Mississippi to buy his present. Although he’s been saving for a bike, a .22 rifle catches his eye. His mother is adamantly against the gun, so the helpful store clerk offers an alternative. Won Best International Short…

When a broken-hearted guy tries to get over his ex-girlfriend, he gets more than he bargained for and a lesson in expectation vs. reality. Won Best Short Short at the 2015 Aspen Shortsfest.

When Tom and Barbara purchase a serial killer’s former house, the middle-aged couple soon realizes it’s going to take more than a fresh coat of paint to whitewash their home’s macabre history. Won the Grand Prize for Best Documentary Short at the 2015 Rhode Island International Film Festival among other awards. Winner of the 2016…

There are rewards for working hard, but are those rewards what we really want? Or is the idiot box controlling what we want?

The Jacket

A night of flirty revelry for a new couple takes a sudden turn when a stranger asks the man about his jacket. Won Best Actor, International Competition, at the 2015 Brussels Short Film Festival. Winner of the 2016 Best Live Action Short Under 13 Minutes. Website

In a society where everyone is monitored, Jeremy is an ambitious young Listener on the brink of a promotion who suddenly finds his loyalty challenged with the arrival of a new colleague.

The life and times of a neglected stoplight. Trailer:

A hit man sees his day go from bad to worse when his principles are put to the test by a 10-year-old kid, an uncooperative housewife and a nosy neighbour.

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous young female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds. Won Best Animated Short at the 2015 Phoenix Film Festival among other awards. Lucas Martell and Producer Christina Martell will participate in a Q&A. Winner of the 2016 Best…

When three maintenance technicians arrive at the home of Jean and Maria, Jean pulls a gun on them. Is it dementia that’s causing him to act so irrationally?

A hungry grey fox sets out for a morning hunt, hoping to find a tasty rodent snack, but the mouse he finds is no ordinary mouse. Trailer:

At a young age, respectful hunters learn to disturb as little as possible. But what’s the price when you break those rules? There will be a Q&A with Chris Beauchamp and Gordie Haakstad after the screening. Winner of the Best Peace Region Short Award.

A young teacher takes a job at an unusual private school where she soon discovers that the boys have a sinister power over the girls. Won the Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at the 2015 Fantastic Cinema Festival among other awards.

Three single mothers in a small Norwegian town bemoan the lack of single men in the village … until the day that three hunky new cops arrive on a temporary assignment, setting the women on the road to crime.

Alice wakes up in a foreign land. She does not remember her name or how she got there. Evil forces are at work and Alice will have to fight to survive Wonderland and get back to her daughter. Won Best Short Film at the 2014 International Film Festival Manhattan among other awards. Screened with the…

At a support group meeting, the stories being shared are very different from what one expects in the circumstances. Won the Narrative Short Jury Award at the 2015 Austin Film Festival.

What starts out as a regular day for an ordinary girl is transformed into a beautiful romantic adventure, or so it seems.

Since childhood, two best friends have dreamed of becoming cosmonauts. They are now in the final stages of training, but can the dream they share become reality? Nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for Best Animated Short. Trailer:

Eight-year-old Elisa lives with her mother in a small isolated village of the French Alps. Her mother works every night in a bar in town leaving Elisa at home alone. Elisa copes with her fear and loneliness by constantly wearing a wolf hand puppet. Then one morning, she hears on the radio that real wolves…

A little girl is taken on a fantastical tour of her distant future by a surprising visitor who reveals unnerving secrets about humanity’s fate. Nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for Best Animated Short. Trailer:

As a grieving Chicana mother prepares for her Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration, an uninvited family member arrives. Won the Award for Best Theatrical Short at the 2014 Imagen Foundation Awards. Facebook Website Trailer: