Festival Passes – Early Bird Special

Festival passes can be purchased online now – see Tickets – and will be available for pick-up beginning Monday, May 8. Purchase online by April 15 and receive 1 ticket voucher (value $12) with a Fest Pass or Symposium Pass; or 2 ticket vouchers (value $24) with an All Access Pass.

To read comments from audience members, teachers, and filmmakers about the 2016 festival, click here.

Information on the Filmmaking Insights Symposium May 13-14 can be found below.

The film packages that will screen on weeknights and the weekend will be added soon.

School Program

Six film packages for schools ($6/person) and one 3-hour workshop ($30/student) are available to book by emailing Terry at terry@reelshorts.ca.:

  • Grade 1-3 – 10-12 short films (65-75 minutes)
  • Grade 4-6 – 8-10 short films (75-85 minutes)
  • Grade 6-9 – 6-9 short films (80-95 minutes)
  • Grade 9-12 Social Studies – 5-8 short films (95-120 minutes)
  • Grade 9-12 English/Languages – 6-9 short films (95-120 minutes)
  • Grade 9-12 French – 6-9 short films (95-120 minutes)
  • Grade 10-12 – Anatomy of a Scene filmmaking workshop (3 hours)

School screenings may be booked Monday, May 8 through Friday, May 12 as well as Mon, May 15. Homeschooling families and members of the public are welcome to attend. Teachers on the programming team with experience teaching at these grade levels have recommended the films so they are age and curriculum appropriate. As the following screening times fill up, new screening times will be added.

Tuesday, May 9

Location TBA (either Grande Prairie Live Theatre or the Douglas J. Cardinal Theatre at Grande Prairie Regional College)

  • 12:30pm: Grade 4-6

Wednesday, May 10

Douglas J. Cardinal Theatre, GPRC

  • 9:15am: Grade 9-12 Social Studies
  • 12:30pm: Grade 9-12 English/Languages

Thursday, May 11

Location TBA (either Grande Prairie Live Theatre or the Douglas J. Cardinal Theatre at GPRC)

  • 9:15am: Grade 9-12 French
  • 12:30pm: Grade 6-9

Friday, May 12

Douglas J. Cardinal Theatre, GPRC

  • 9:30am: Grade 1-3

Grande Prairie Live Theatre

  • 10:45am: Grade 9-12 Social Studies
  • 1:30pm: Grade 9-12 English/Languages

Monday, May 15

Ernie Radbourne Pavilion

  • 10:45am – 2:15pm: Anatomy of a Scene filmmaking workshop (includes a half-hour lunch break

Tuesday, May 16

Ernie Radbourne Pavilion

  • Anatomy of a Scene filmmaking workshop

Filmmaker Insights Symposium

Presented in collaboration with PRIMAA, Peace Region Independent Media Arts Association, the Filmmaker Insights Symposium provides a great professional development opportunity for filmmakers of all levels, and includes 3-hour workshops ($40 each) and 45-minute panels ($15 each) that can be taken individually or included with a Symposium Pass or All Access Pass. See Tickets for more info on the passes.

Workshops and panels take place at the Ernie Radbourne Pavilion – see Locations for more info.

Saturday, May 13

  • 10:30am – 2:00pm: Storytelling Within a Virtual Reality Environment workshop (includes a half-hour lunch break)
  • 2:30 – 3:15pm: The Future of Storytelling: VR, Transmedia, and the Changing Filmmaking Landscape panel

Sunday, May 14

  • 1:30 – 4:30pm: Anatomy of a Scene: Directing Actors by Blocking to the Camera workshop
  • 5:00 – 5:45pm:The Director’s Creative Process panel

A Note on Ratings

The age ratings and advisories are provided by the festival’s programming team as a guideline only. Advisories relate to the age rating, therefore an advisory of 10+ (Nudity) could refer to an animated film that takes place in an art museum that has nude works of art. Many parents would be fine with their 10-year-old seeing such a film, whereas a film rated 14+ (Nudity, Sexual Content) could be considered by many parents to be inappropriate viewing even if the child is 14 years old although acceptable at age 16 or 17 (i.e. not so explicit as to be rated 18+). An advisory of 10+ (Mature Subject Matter) could refer to a child dealing with the death of a parent whereas an advisory of 14+ (Mature Subject Matter) could refer to a character who is contemplating suicide. The festival’s age rating system is similar but not identical to the following ratings used by Alberta Film Classification:

  • 5+ – roughly equivalent to a G rating
  • 10+ – roughly equivalent to a PG rating
  • 14+ – roughly equivalent to a 14A rating
  • 18+ – roughly equivalent to an 18A or R rating

Additional Info

Looking for accommodation and other attractions? Check out the Visitor Info page. Venue locations can be found by clicking on Locations.