Reel Shorts 2011

  • 9:50
  • Grande Prairie
  • 2011
The Afterlove

A newly dead ghost must enlist the help of The Great Lloyd so that he can be returned to life and the young woman he loves.  A short film created by 14 Grade 8-12 students from Valleyview, Hythe, and Beaverlodge working together under the guidance of workshop leaders Scott Belyea, Scooter Corkle, and Michael Bourree during the Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshop May 4-6 (Charlie):

Travell Bask
Jake Carlstad
Tess Forbes
Andrew Fediuk-Young
Calvenn Lanktree
Serah Lanktree
Anjie McKay
Laine McKay
Lyndon McKay
Nathan Paquette
Cohen Plontke
Jaden Plontke
Kyra Plontke
Jordan Smith




  • Scott Belyea
World premiere