Editing for Filmmakers: Exploring the Final Rewrite – $40 ($25 students)
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Sat, May 4
Muskoseepi Pavilion, Muskoseepi Park, 102 St and 102 Ave
Instructor: Gordie Haakstad

Seldom is editing an understood art form. Often it’s regarded as a mechanical assembly of shots, only considered once principal photography has wrapped. In Editing for Filmmakers, attendees will delve into the artistic and emotional concepts that go into the final writing stage of making a movie. By analyzing award-winning films and exploring the storytelling tools afforded the editor, they will discuss how filmmakers can best prepare themselves during pre-production, whilst filming, and once in post.

The only requisites for attending are a love for filmmaking and a desire to better understand the artistic world of editing.

Register by contacting Grande Prairie Live Theatre.