The Filmmaking Team in Action workshop

“In the spring of 2007 a number of PAVE students, parents and teachers were able to attend The Filmmaking Team in Action workshop at the Reel Shorts Film Festival. Despite a heavy snowfall, many of our students were able to make it into this workshop which proved to be an outstanding experience for our school community. Our students were fully engaged with the speakers and we all learned a great deal about the process of filmmaking. The speakers, although quite young, were very experienced in their filmmaking specialties. They were informative, humorous and very willing to answer any questions that the students may have had. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in films, acting or in the filmmaking process.” (Wenda Housego, PAVE (Peace Academy of Virtual Education)

“The kids really benefited from this – especially the older students.” (Leanne Germann, St. Joseph Catholic High School teacher)