One Rat Short, Alex Weil, USA, 2006 (9 minutes) – The mesmerizing ballet of a discarded food wrapper leads a New York subway rat into an adventure of love and loss

Shipwrecked, Devon Bolton, Calgary, 2006 (10 minutes) – A tale of imagination, intrigue, and the childhood capacity for embracing the remarkable.

The Danish Poet, Torill Kove, Canada, 2006 (15 minutes) – A poet’s quest to meet a famous Norwegian writer plays a serendipitous role in a young woman’s life. Won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. This film is available for download and on DVD from the NFB.

The Passenger, Chris Jones, Australia, 2006 (7 minutes) – As storm clouds gather, a timid bookworm boards a bus to find that the only other passenger is a goldfish in a plastic bag, but this is no ordinary goldfish.

Turn, Michael Lucas, Australia, 2005 (11 minutes) – Two drivers find themselves stuck in an alley while trying to turn onto a busy road