Paradise, Jesse Rosensweet, Canada, 2007 (8 minutes) – a stop-motion animated short about a couple whose seemingly ideal suburban lives operate within a mechanized daily routine

Peter & the Wolf, Suzie Templeton, UK/Poland/Norway/Mexico, 2006 (32 minutes) – a young boy and his animal friends face a hungry wolf in Prokofiev’s classic musical piece.

Tanghi Argentini, Guy Thys, Belgium, 2006 (14 minutes) – A man who must learn to dance the tango in two weeks asks an office colleague for help.

Teeth, Ruairi O’Brien, Ireland, 2007 (2 minutes) – A last laugh tale of two old friends, their teeth, and a fishing trip that leaves them lost for words

The Bar, Mike Jackson, Canada, 2007 (9 minutes) – A film noir comedy about love, life, tulips, and xylophones

The Stewardess (Die Flugbegleiterin), Marcin Glowacki, Germany, 2007 (12 minutes) – An obese stewardess loses her job so she turns to liposuction as an easy fix but the fat she loses may find her again

Larissa Walkiw did a great 4-minute video of the festival: