At our 2009 fest, 93% of the 256 questionnaires received from members of the public rated their film package as good (45%) or great (48%). The following is a very small sample of the positive comments we received.

Public screenings

“They were all incredible.” (Darla Dawn, Oscar-Nominated Live-Action Shorts)

“This is a great festival. Keep up the good work!” (Victoria Carter, Love is Love)

“It was a great selection!! Something for anyone and everyone!!” (Alex Zahara, Bob & the Aliens)

“This was just as great as last year.” (Heather Gunson, Psycho Shorts)

“I feel it’s an invaluable experience to introduce such a vast variety of techniques, ideas, and creativity to both my students and my own children.” (Holly Galbraith, Hiccups Family Program)

“I thought it was really good! There were great messages in each film I saw, and I find that fascinating as it has me expand to new ideas and different ways of thinking. Thanks!!” (Anastasia Johnson, Abracadabra)

“Great selection of films.” (Jeff McKay, Best of the Fest)

School screenings

“It was great! All my students greatly enjoyed the Hiccups Family Program.” (Margaret Johansen, Grade 2 teacher, Harry Balfour School)


“For a small festival, the quality of the films is impressive. It’s cute, friendly and genuinely quaint, but the films that screen rival those of large festivals. Stay friendly, down-to-earth, and you’ll go far. The way you treat filmmakers is “perfect”. I’ve never felt more welcome!” (Scooter Corkle)

“The film selection was great. I love the sections they were divided into. You guys are awesome and do a great job of taking care of the filmmakers.” (Jason Eisener)