Ascension, Stephen Irwin, Australia, 2007 (14 minutes) – In this comedy of apocalyptic proportions, a man stumbles upon a group of cultists who need a human sacrifice … and a clue

Dennis, Mads Matthiesen, Denmark, 2007 (18 minutes) – When Dennis, an introvert bodybuilder, invites a local girl out on a date, his mother pressures him to cancel the date, but Dennis ventures into a night that he will never forget

New Boy, Steph Green, Ireland, 2007 (11 minutes) – This Oscar-nominated film captures the experience of being the new kid in school through the eyes of a 9-year-old immigrant boy from Africa

Oktapodi, Julien Bocabeille, Francois-Xavier Chaniox, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier, and Emud Mokhberi, France, 2007 (3 minutes) – In this Oscar-nominated film, 2 octopi fight for their lives in a comical escape through the streets of a small Greek village.

Passing Hearts (En del av mitt hjärta), Johan Brisinger, Sweden, 2004 (14 minutes) – The poignant meeting between a young man and the family whose late son saved his life

Pretty Big Dig, Anne Troake, Canada, 2003 (4 minutes) – Whimsical and profound, this ballet with backhoes melds classical music and heavy machinery.

Six Shooter, Martin McDonagh, UK, 2004 (27 minutes) – This 2006 Academy Award winner is an Irish black comedy about an older man’s encounter with a strange and possibly psychotic young man. Brilliantly done, but also rated 14A with advisories for coarse language, violence, and mature theme.

Skhizein (Part 1 of 2) and Skhizein (Part 2 of 2), Jeremy Clapin, France, 2008 (14 minutes) – Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely 91 centimeters from himself

Spider, Nash Edgerton, Australia, 2007 (10 minutes) – A young man tries to win over his girlfriend who’s angry at him … will he win her back or will he never learn

The Necktie, Jean-Fran̤ois L̩vesque, Canada, 2008 (12 minutes) РFor a middle-aged office worker, an old accordion becomes the key to regaining the joy of life

The Passenger, Chris Jones, Australia, 2006 (7 minutes) – A bookworm sits down on a bus next to a goldfish that may be an alien.  If you love the film and want a DVD with extra features, it’s available to order from Chris’ website.

The Pearce Sisters, Luis Cook, UK, 2007 (9 minutes) – Eking out a miserable existence catching fish, life offers few pleasures for 2 sisters … but then a stranger washes up on shore

The Red Kite, Peter Lacalamita, Canada, 2006 (3 minutes) – A boy flies his kite amidst a dangerous climate of war

Treevenge, Jason Eisener, Canada, 2008 (16 minutes) – Christmas has always been a time of massacre … for the Christmas trees … but the time for tinsel is over! A favorite in the midnight Psycho Shorts program, this film is hilariously funny but also rated 14A with advisories for coarse language, violence, and gory scenes.