2010 Feedback

At our 2010 film festival, 89% of 644 questionnaire respondents received rated their film package, workshop, or class visit as good (35%) or great (54%).

General screenings

“The entire festival was wonderful this year! I am so glad I bought the pass. … What a great value for the $!” (Brenda Parker, “Heart & Home”)

“I’d love to see more! A wonderful, thoughtful collection of surprises, delights and good laughs.” (Barbara Swail, “Doubly Grand”)

“Awesome – loved the animated story of Sleeping Beauty!!” (Frank Daskewech, “All in the Family”)

“Loved it.” (Mandy Byrtus, “All in the Family”)

“I thought it was great and will keep on coming back!” (Olivia Kennedy, “Daydreams”)

“Fantastic work! Original ideas! A great opportunity.” (Susan Picard, “Daydreams”)

“I thought they were all great films. Good choice!” (Trevor Hansen, “Heart & Home”)

“These animated shorts were great!” (John Gallagher, “Oscar Animated”)

“Fantastic! First of many festivals!” (Mike Lauzon, “Best of the Fest”)

“Amazing. Wish it happened more often.” (Iain Housego, “Best of the Fest”)

“Very interesting selections; students’ films were very well done.” (Judith Cook, “Best of the Fest”)

“Great to see this type of festival that allows all aspects of films, film workshops and education.” (Jeff McKay, “Best of the Fest”)

“Enjoyed the local youth productions!” (Sharon Stanich, “Best of the Fest”)

“It was excellent.” (Garry Linklater, “Best of the Fest”)

“It was great. Loved it.” (Davis Isherwood, “Best of the Fest”)

“Great films. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.” (Amanda Tinwath, “Best of the Fest”)

“I enjoyed the whole festival. Looking forward to next year!” (Melody Bondok, “Best of the Fest”)

School screenings

“Great curriculum for Social Studies.” (Sherri MacDowall, Hines Creek Composite School teacher, “Sons & Wars”)

“Fantastic as always.” (Dan Mills, Humanities 30 teacher, “Sons & Wars”)

“Awesome films!” (Leila Moulder, Derek Taylor, Grade 7-9 Film Studies, “Sons & Wars”)

“They were great films! The selections appealed to all types of students!” (Robyn Lieverse, Hythe teacher, “Go Fish”)

“Excellent variety – wouldn’t change a thing! My students had a fantastic time and got a great look at a whole new format.” (Mrs. Miller, IV Macklin Film 8 teacher, “Go Fish”)

“Well presented and it was nice for the children to talk to the filmmaker!!” (Shauna Paquette, Harry Balfour Grade 3 teacher, “Daydreams”)

“What a unique way to spend the afternoon! We had hours of conversation following the films. The students are still talking about it.” (Jeanie Ross, Hythe Regional School Grade 6 LA teacher, “Curious Tales”)

Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshops

“A really great experience. They were great teachers – very patient. The students felt a connection and had a lot of fun.” (Sherri MacDowall, Hines Creek Composite School teacher, Bravo)

“Fantastic. Great that the students could receive instruction from working professionals.” (Terry Forbes, Beaverlodge Regional High Schools, Charlie)

“Very interesting. Great subjects to pass on to the students. Great that it covers all aspects of creating a film – pre and post production, filming, etc.” (Dan Gunther, St. Joseph Catholic High School teacher, Alpha)


“Reel Shorts has such an intimate feel, which I adore, and hopefully, when the festival explodes and every hotel is booked with filmmakers, buyers, and programmers, it will still feel like the darling it is.” (Scooter Corkle, Vancouver, BC)

“So organized and I felt SO taken care of! Great packages and great people at the sessions. Great people involved – Scott and Scooter rock!” (Alyssa McClelland, Australia)

“Enjoyed meeting so many other filmmakers and people.” (Stuart Barr, Peace River, Alberta)

“I had a great time. This was a very enjoyable introduction to the film festival world. I think this festival is well on its way to becoming a very important vehicle for the promotion of films and filmmakers in the Peace Region as well as from around the world.” (Rio Fitch, Rolla, BC)