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Parvaneh is a young Afghan immigrant who recently arrived at a transit centre for asylum seekers in the Swiss Alps. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Live Action Short.

Boogaloo and Graham

In 1970’s Belfast, two young boys are thrilled when their soft-hearted Dad presents them with two baby chicks to care for, but the boys are in for a shock when their parents announce that big changes are coming to the family. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Live Action Short. Screened with the…



Two strangers meet at an airport. He believes that she is to be his assigned driver. She, enchanted by the random encounter, does not tell him otherwise. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Live Action Short.

Butter Lamp

A young itinerant photographer and his assistant take photos of Tibetan nomads in front of various backgrounds. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Live Action Short.

The Lion's Mouth Opens

This documentary follows a young Scottish actress who decides to find out whether she’s inherited the gene for Huntington’s Disease. If she has it, there will be no escape from the fate that awaits her: dementia and death. Won a Special Jury Award at 2014 Aspen Shortfest. Winner of the 2015 Best Documentary Short Award.

The Treehouse

In the shadow of a family funeral, a young boy retreats to the treehouse he built with his father and shuts himself in and the rest of the world out. An enigmatic young girl from next door helps him to come to terms with his loss and face up to his future. Won Best Cinematography…

The Life-Givers

In the caves below the earth are thousands of candles, each representing a human life. Life-Givers light the candles, signifying the birth of a child, while Death snuffs out the flame when the person’s time on earth has ended. A young apprentice Life-Giver struggles with the idea that life must one day come to an…


A young boy spends his days near his dad’s tomb. When a strange girl makes communication possible between father and son again, the boy is determined not to move away with his mother. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Oxen Films.

A Last Farewell

Haunted by visions of his late husband, and in conflict with his daughter who is trying to renew the ties between them, an aging author must tackle the impossible task of finding peace in the wake of a devastating loss. Won Best LGBT Short Film at the 2014 Cleveland International Film Festival among other awards.

What Cheer

After the sudden passing of his wife, a songwriter’s overwhelming grief takes the form of a 20-piece marching band that floods his world with boisterous, interminable song.

A girl wishes that her parents would get her a bicycle, but she gets something completely different. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Animated Short.

The story of one man’s love life is seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals that they share. Won the Oscar in 2015 for Best Animated Short.

Two brothers struggle to care for their elderly mother. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Animated Short.

When a woman plays a mysterious vinyl record single, she suddenly knows how to travel through her own life. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Animated Short.

A little pig keeps his town safe from a cloud of pollution with his windmill dam, but is ignored by a thankless public and bullied at school. When a new kid arrives, things begin to change. Nominated for an Oscar in 2015 for Best Animated Short.

A plump caterpillar can’t get into her cocoon without the help of two friendly beetles.

A man follows footsteps in search of a mysterious visitor to his house.

A celebration of life through the hand-drawn line.

A woman’s idyllic view of her new job as a school bus driver is sorely tested after she meets her surly boss and discovers that winding roads can prove treacherous in winter, especially with a faulty clutch.

  An overweight man, obsessed with calorie counting, has his sanity pushed to the limits by a fitness freak who mocks him.  

At a vibrant music festival, a young couple’s hedonistic weekend turns into a desperate fight for survival as they are terrorized by a gang of masked festival goers.  

A young girl is brought to a nineteenth-century mansion to join nine other children who are trapped and living under the abuses of the Huckster, a woman who likes to be referred to as “mother,” but the girl’s obstinacy disrupts the strict order in the house and reveals the true horror within it.  

After a viral pandemic turns humans into flesh-craving mutants, adventurer Hunter Smith hunts them down on his TV show “Get Some,” tracking and killing them for the entertainment of the surviving population.  

  A young boy manages to survive alone in a post-apocalyptic world until he finds an ally when a woman saves him from an attack. But how long can they both continue to live in a world gone mad?  

  On a cold winter night, Laura reads to her brother from a book that he found. The story about a strange creature that attacks children is disturbing so she stops reading it, but it’s too late. There’s a strange presence in the house. It’s him.  

Thirteen local teams competed two weeks ago to write, shoot, and edit a short film in 48 hours, right here in the Peace Region. Prizes (Generously Sponsored by Community Futures Grande Prairie) will be awarded for audience choice and best juried film. Presented in collaboration with PRIMAA (Peace Region Independent Media Arts Association). The following…

Ed Telfair is a mundane middle-aged man who’s dealing with insecurities in his life … until he decides to take matters into his own hands. Won Best Short Film at the 2014 Victoria Texas Independent Film Festival among other awards.

In a future where victims of traumatic crimes have their memories erased as if the crime never happened, one woman struggles for her right to refuse the process.

Inspired by true events, this film captures the experience of two men caught up in their government’s restrictive regime. Won the Best Short Jury Award at the 2014 Rochester ImageOut Film Festival among other awards.

A discredited scientist plans an elaborate heist to prove his genius and salvage his ruined reputation.

A man is woken in the middle of the night by his parents who insist on telling him things he would rather not hear.

Julian is simply passing time at his dreary job until a new girl is hired and changes everything.

While asleep, a bored housewife falls in love with a man who appears in her dreams, leaving her torn between them and reality.

Karen, a First Nations woman, learns that someone has been saying that she isn’t Indian. Suspecting that it’s her cousin who has been spreading the lie, Karen goes to her house to confront her.

When the call centre he works at is outsourced overseas, DJ is out of a job and dead broke. Lured by the promise of easy money, he ventures into the highly lucrative world of telephone fraud in this uncompromising look at the initiation of a novice into the dark side. Winner of the 2015 Best…

When John’s simple day of snowmobiling goes awry, the cold winter and a difficult decision forever change his life.

A mysterious object from the past drives a tense showdown between two strangers. Each believes he knows what the other man wants. Both are wrong. Director Chris Beauchamp, Producer Laura Beauchamp, actors Tim Heimdal and Cam White, and composer Chris McIntyre will participate in a Q&A.

A Dutch tourist on death row must do everything in his power to overcome the bureaucracy of the Singaporean prison system if he wishes to get his last meal request filled. And all he wants is a cup of coffee! Won Best Actor in a Short at the 2014 Long Beach International Film Festival.

My Odd Disorder

Diagnosed with a rare disorder at age 13, Brittney is a Grande Prairie teen whose story is an inspiration as she learns to accept the periodic changes her body goes through with the help of a support group of fellow sufferers. There’ll be a Q&A with Devon Burbank after the screening.

The Phone Call

Heather (Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins), a shy Crisis Centre worker, takes a call from a suicidal man (Oscar winner Jim Broadbent) and tries to change his mind. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and RSA Films. Won the Oscar in 2015 for Best Live Action Short.