A Small World (Gr 4-6)

2016 Festival

Wed, May 11 @ 12:30 pm - GPLT; Fri, May 13 @ 9:30 am - GPLT

Chosen by teachers, this enlightening and entertaining package contains a wide variety of films from all over the world (Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, and Brazil). It includes a nature documentary, dramas and comedies, and includes two foreign-language films (French and Portuguese) with English subtitles.

Films in this package

A mountain climber’s priorities are put to the test when his efforts to conquer the Ram’s Horn mountain are thwarted by a stubborn mountain goat and its adorable offspring.

In 1999, the marble craze hit an all-time high at Maxy’s school. His marble collection has grown and the school bully makes sure that it won’t surpass his own. How can Maxy get back what’s his against the bigger and stronger bully?

In a primary school classroom, teacher Liliane anxiously awaits an important phone call. Her student Mathieu is even more of a disturbance than usual, but he finds a way to brighten her day after she receives the distressing call.

Colorful Lunch Strategies

On the flowery meadows of the Italian Alps, life is dominated by color. Bumblebees fly to the colourful flowers to collect nectar while spiders use color as camouflage, quietly waiting for prey.

The Best Sound in the World

While his friends like collecting action figures, toy cars, or comic books, Vinicius collects sounds and he is on a quest to find and record the best sound in the world.


A street musician depends on his metronome to keep time while he performs, but its theft and an encounter with a stray dog change his approach to music and to life.

An apprehensive homeless girl must traverse a dangerous, wintry city in order to escape her adorable pursuers.

A Fistful of Presents image

An outlaw confronts the most dangerous sheriff in the Old West.

Bad days can happen to anyone, even the Grim Reaper. Won First Prize at the 2015 Film Festival of Laughter in Croatia. Winner of the 2016 Youth Audience Choice Award.