Antarctica & the Grand Slam of Mountaineering

2014 Festival

Tues, May 6 @ 7:00 pm GPLT

Presented by Capstan Hauling, this package is a wonderful pairing of a New Zealand feature-length documentary about Antarctica with a presentation by mountaineer Horacio Galanti on the progress he’s made in attaining the Grand Slam of Mountaineering: climb the highest mountain of each continent (the Seven Summits) and reach by foot the North and South Poles. Antarctica will be the final step in achieving this goal which only a handful of people have accomplished. After the documentary, there will be an intermission followed by Horacio’s presentation and Q&A.

Films in this package

Antarctica: A Year on Ice

New Zealand photographer Anthony Powell spent a decade documenting his experience at the bottom of the world – from the awe-inspiring auroras and animal ecosystems to the freezing and terrifying ice storms. But most importantly, he pointed his camera at the people – not just the scientists, but the everyday workers who live on base…

Horacio summit of Everest

35-minute presentation by Horacio Galanti and 15-minute Q&A Horacio set out on his Grand Slam of Mountaineering goal twelve years ago and has summited the biggest five of the Seven Summits (Everest, McKinley, Aconcagua, Elbrus, and Kilimanjaro) and recently ran a full marathon at the North Pole. He will share photos of his summits and…