At First Glance

2019 Festival

Mon, May 6 @ 12:30pm - DJC; Fri, May 10 @ 6:30pm - GPLT

Presented by Capstan Hauling.
This entertaining package contains films with unique perspectives that don’t always match first impressions. It includes an award-winning drama from Canada, a black comedy from the Netherlands, and an allegorical animation from the Russian Federation. There will be a Q&A after the Friday screening with GILTRUDE’S DWELLING Director Jeremy Lutter and Writer/Producer Marcy Waughtal.

Films in this package


When a young woman accidentally drops her keys while crossing the street, Sean picks them up and calls after her, but she has headphones on and doesn’t hear him. Sean returns them to her and decides that this chance encounter might become a friendship, if only she’d take her headphones off so they could have…

Attack of the Potato Clock

A flash of lightning turns a science lab potato clock into a mutated monster potato clock that wanders around the school until it discovers the lunch lady chopping potatoes and sets out to save them.


The life of a pampered gentleman is seamlessly automated by machines, but his orderly existence is thrown into chaos when he chooses to pursue a free-spirited woman against the advice of his robot butler. Won the 2018 BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Animation among other awards. Won the 2018 BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Animation…


When a little bird suddenly drops dead in its cage, all eyes are on the cat. Desperately, he tries to make everything right again, but nothing he does seems to work. Won Best International Short Animation at the 2018 Huesca International Film Festival in Spain among other awards.

Happy Emily

A YouTube creator records herself as she explores an island. The fun of creating her next YouTube video is interrupted when a mysterious drone appears and won’t stop following her.

Giltrude's Dwelling

Giltrude was 11 when her parents left home for the day, and she has been an interdimensional shut-in for fifteen years waiting for their return. When an injured boy shows up on her doorstep, she must choose between being safe and alone, or risking everything to help a new friend. Won Audience Award for Best…

A Short Film About Tegan & Sara

This animated documentary is a joyful portrait of Calgary-born identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin. Their musical career over the past 20 years has often intersected with notions of identity – as artists, as individuals, as sisters, as queer women, and as leading activists in the LGBTQ community


With a sparrow as her guide, a toddler makes her first steps along a tightrope. As she grows up, her feet float above the tightrope when she’s happy. In times of darkness, she falters and almost falls, but Sparrow stays with her, as the tightrope she walks on seems to go on forever. Won Best…