At Risk (2019)

2019 Festival

Tues, May 7 @ 9:15 AM – GPLT; Wed, May 8 @ 9:30 AM – DJC

Presented by Capstan Hauling. This thought-provoking package contains a drama from France as well as documentaries from Canada, the United States, and Europe that look at events as diverse as the hunt for the highest ranking Nazi war criminal on the run in 1960, the refugee crisis at a camp in Greece, the global nature of one of the world’s most expensive foods, and one man’s initiative to combat hate and racism.

Films in this package

Set in Argentina in 1960, this true crime documentary follows the story of secret agent Zvi Aharoni as he hunts down one of the highest ranking Nazi war criminals on the run. Won Best Animated Short at the 2018 Cleveland International Film Festival and Best Documentary Short as well as Audience Award Best Short Film…

This documentary looks at the humanitarian crisis in Europe from the perspective of Álvaro, a Spanish volunteer who spends 12 days working at Idomeni, one of the refugee camps in northern Greece. Won Best Documentary Short at the 2017 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

Souad realizes how lucky she is to be hired at a classy beauty salon right after passing her beautician diploma, especially with a young son to support, but there is a problem with the name tag she’s expected to wear. Should she risk her job by saying something? Won Best Live Action 15+ Minutes at…

From its creation in the remote island caves of the Philippines to its transformation into the legendary Cantonese dish of Bird’s Nest Soup at a 3 Michelin star restaurant, this rare exotic delicacy is one of the world’s most expensive foods, costing upwards of $100 in some of China’s top restaurants. This documentary examines this…

In a timely look at hate and racism, Ohio tattoo artist Billy Joe White challenges his community to bring him their mistakes in this inspiring documentary that reveals stories of change and redemption. Won Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2018 Palm Springs ShortFest among other awards.