Bubble Trouble

2012 Festival

Thur, May 3 @ 12:30 pm

Chosen by teachers as suitable for Grade 4-6 students, these engrossing (and grossing) films illustrate the power of words, numbers, love, and boogers.

Films in this package

The boogers of Boogerville live peacefully in Bubba Joe Junior’s nose until the fateful day when Mr. Booger and his friends find themselves blown from their home in a giant sneeze.  Mr. Booger is determined to get back inside Bubba’s head but finds himself in strange new territory.

A postman’s first day takes a terrifying turn when a young girl tells him of her family’s horrible tragedy.  Won Best Super Short at the 2011 Shriekfest.

A young boy falls hopelessly in love, but it all goes terribly wrong.  Wishing to never experience heartache again, he turns to a book of magic and invokes a spell that will shield him from emotion forever.  Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Igloo Films.  Won the IFTA Award in 2012…

Convinced that a unified theory could be found in the relationship between the numbers two, three, and five, a professor travelled to the Arctic to find the answer and disappeared.  Many years later, a former student tries to find him.  Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Brown Bag Films.  Nominated in…

Narrated by Jeremy Irons, this mockumentary examines the life cycle of the plastic bag as it encounters enemies and escapes death on its epic migration to its final destination:  the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

A flirtatious dance between a charming caterpillar and a graceful moth leads to love, but is it strong enough to overcome the powerful attraction of another suitor?  Won Best Animation at the 2011 California International Shorts Festival.

An Inuit child wanders away from his village, fascinated by a wild bird.  His father follows his trail, determined to find him before he gets lost on the ice floe.

When a fisherman catches the giant fish he wished for, his problems begin.

Two cartoon characters develop a life of their own and humiliate and mock the third unfinished figure, but their superiority is short-lived when he turns out to be their big brother.  Won Best Short Film for Children at the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival among other awards.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

www.morrislessmore.com This award-winning film is a gorgeously animated allegory about the transformative power of story.  Inspired by Hurricane Katrina, Buster Keaton, The Wizard of Oz, and a love for books, award-winning author/illustrator William Joyce and Co-Director Brandon Oldenburg use a variety of techniques (miniatures, computer animation, and 2D animation) to present a poignant, humorous story…