Changing Times

2012 Festival

Thur, May 3 @ 9:15 pm

These entertaining films feature characters who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual. With an award-winning documentary, poignant dramas, and hilarious comedies, this package is a favourite of the programming team and will appeal to a wide audience.

Films in this package


A six-year-old boy brings home a piece of school work that provokes his parents to question his sexual orientation.  And their own.  Won Audience Choice Award at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival among many others.

When his son’s interest in things that little boys are not supposed to be interested in develops to the point where Anthony can no longer ignore it, he grapples with the conflict between his liberal beliefs and his societal instincts as a father.

Every 13-year-old girl dreams of that nice but hard-to-get boy and Joppe is no different.  But how will she tell him that she was born a boy?  A brave and unflinching portrait of a boy who just wants to be a girl.  Won Best Documentary Short at the 2011 Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto…

Tsuyako, a young woman who is a wife, mother, and factory worker in postwar Japan, must decide between duty and love, her family and freedom.  Won the Audience Award at the 2011 Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo among many other awards.

Margaret attends a Catholic school for girls and wears a uniform.  Can she resist the pressure to conform?

A teen vampire sex comedy about 2 teenage girls who are best friends, but one of them has let her vampire boyfriend go “all the way” and now she’s undead and her mom is so going to ground her.  Won a WGC Screenwriting Award in 2011 from the Writers Guild of Canada.

A little Austrian girl is a daily witness to a long simmering feud that finally erupts between the town clock’s two wooden figurines.