2015 Festival

Wed, May 6 @ 8:45 pm - GPLT

Presented by 2day FM and the Crown & Anchor Pub, this compelling package contains 5 films about characters who must choose a course of action in a very difficult situation. There are three foreign-language films (Hebrew, French, and Greek) with English subtitles. This package includes the world premiere of COLD DECISION and will be followed by a Q&A with Director Gordie Haakstad and actors Travis Fowler and Brett Olsen. Join in the celebration at the Crown & Anchor Pub after-party.

Films in this package

How many ways are there to commit suicide? Can a suicide attempt be considered successful? As he investigates different methods, Makis struggles to achieve the ideal result. Won Best Comedy Short at the 2014 Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival among many other awards. *Alberta premiere*

In 1981 Northern Ireland, a conflicted border-town mechanic is faced with an impossible decision in this tense political drama.

When a skinhead enters Malik’s grocery store, Malik chooses to react to the young man’s insolence in a most unusual way, which leads to a different outcome than either could have foreseen. Winner of the 2015 Best Live Action Short Award.

On the final assignment of their course as officer candidate in the Israeli army, two women trek through a harsh landscape when one suddenly remembers that she’s forgotten something that must be retrieved at all costs. Won Best Student Short at the 2014 Rome Independent Film Festival among other awards. Screened with the kind permission…

When John’s simple day of snowmobiling goes awry, the cold winter and a difficult decision forever change his life.