Cinema Francophone (Gr 9 - 12 French) (2022)

2022 Festival

Virtual Fest

Chosen by teachers, this diverse and entertaining package of Canadian films has one thing in common: French dialogue (with English subtitles).

Films in this package

A young boy scout gives himself the mission to liberate his friend from her house since her dad won’t let her go to camp.

Kathleen is a hairdresser. Always has been. Always will be. Even at 83, she’s still doing hair. But not in the way one would expect. Her work is special. Won Best Documentary Short and Best Canadian Short at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

Bernard Bosa has been offering vibration sessions in Quebec for more than 10 years. As he makes a didgeridoo, he talks about the process of transforming a dead tree into an instrument and how vibration can heal emotional pain.

A psychiatrist asks his patient to once again relate the story of how he came to attempt suicide so that the doctor can assess whether he can safely release the young man from the psychiatric ward.

A teenager wants to become the best hockey player in her league. Her father, acting as her personal trainer, expects no less. But when she secures a coveted trophy, whose win is it? Won Honorable Mention, Best Canadian Short at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.