Cinema Francophone (Gr 9-12 French)

2017 Festival

Thur, May 11 @ 9:15 am – GPLT

Chosen by teachers, the six films in this package have French dialogue, but fluency in French is not required since each film has English subtitles. With a mix of drama and comedy, live action and animation, this package presents some of the best short films from France.

Films in this package

On his first day on the job, a man’s boss lectures him about proper behaviour, dress code, and use of equipment, but he has a surprisingly difficult time obeying orders.

For many years, a woman has waved at the express train that passes her house every morning and evening. While mowing the lawn, she finds a letter from the conductor that he tossed from the speeding train. She mails a response and so starts a correspondence between them that brightens her lonely life. Inspired by…

Paul is a sculptor in France, 1919. He travels from village to village erecting memorials to the soldiers who died in the war, but when he arrives in the small town of Sancerre, a grief-stricken father insists that his son’s name should be added to the monument but the others in the village refuse to…

A young boy is barred from school until he has better shoes, but his parents can’t afford to buy him any. His entrepreneurial spirit must find a way to buy the shoes himself. Winner of the 2017 Youth Audience Choice Award.

Washington, September 13, 1993 – History is being made, except for one last wrinkle to iron out.

A little orphan meets the Grim Reaper and would rather hang out with him than return to her orphanage. The servant of Death ends up with an unwanted sidekick as he tries to complete the task he was sent to do.