Criminal Minds

2013 Festival

Sat, May 4 @ 8:30 pm

Presented by KIX FM, these films include riveting dramas and a few comedies to lighten the mood. It also features HOUSE CALL, the first film produced by the Grande Prairie Youth Film Club. There will be a Q&A with Devon Burbank (HOUSE CALL).

Films in this package


A man’s hope of finding his lost daughter becomes an obsession that his estranged wife can no longer ignore. Won Best Fiction Short Film at the 2012 Kinofest International Digital Film Festival in Rumania.

Penny Dreadful

Desperate for money, a bungling crook agrees to kidnap a little girl. When things go terribly wrong, he doesn’t know who to fear most: little Penny or the vindictive crime lord who hired him. Won International Audience Prize at the 2013 Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival among other awards.


Shirin eats dinner alone with her father in their small north London home. Without her mother at home, little is said between them until Shirin reveals she is going out for the evening. Received a Jury Honourable Mention at the 2012 Cleveland International Film Festival.

The Cross

A young woman’s driving lesson with her father reconnects them after years apart, but they are on a cliff-hugging road that may not be the best location for an inexperienced driver.

High Heels and Hoodoo

A greedy party girl is so determined to get what she wants that she employs the dangerous magic of a Gullah root doctor to help her cross over into the spirit world for one last conversation with her grandmother.


In a prison visitor’s room, a mother confronts her son over his part in an epic failed hold-up.


At 5 in the morning, a woman can’t sleep because the neighbours are arguing. Her husband says there’s nothing to worry about, but when she finally decides to call, she realizes that he was wrong.

The Unusual Suspects

A clown is interrogated by two inspectors and soon realizes that breaking the law is no laughing matter.

House Call

A deep-voiced bad guy makes three phone calls and asks, “Wanna play a game?” But none of his intended victims react the way they should. There’ll be a Q&A with Devon Burbank after the screening.