Critter Tales (Gr 1-3) (2018)

2018 Festival

Mon, May 7 @ 1:00 pm - GPLT; Tues, May 8 @ 9:30 am - DJC; Mon, May 14 @ 10:00 am - GPLT

Presented by Capstaul Hauling and chosen by teachers, this delightful package of 7 films features animals, a pair of trams, and magical rag dolls. Friendship, imagination, and growing up are the themes in these films from Europe, Australia, the United States, and Canada.

Films in this package

Each day, two city trams transport local citizens to their chosen destinations as the younger one learns from the older one how to do the job. As time goes by and the younger one grows up, the roles begin to reverse. Won Best Animation Film at the 2018 Golden Eagle Awards in Russia. Won the…

Kit, the eager beaver, embarks on an odyssey through four seasons in a Canadian forest where she learns about compassion, failure, survival and community. The film features an original score performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

While mother bird is away searching for food, her son Peep gets unexpected help from a paperplane. Together they explore the magical world around them, but their friendship is soon tested when the paper plane tries to teach Peep how to fly.

Playtime turns into uncontrolled shenanigans when a child discovers rag dolls in an antique chest. Her imagination runs wild, but for the dolls’ real-life doppelgangers, self-control is out of their hands. Won Best Short Comedy at the 2017 South Dakota Film Festival among other awards. Won the 2018 Youth Audience Choice Award.

Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig Sherbert. But Milly’s mother wants her to have a “real” friend to play with and invites Milly’s older cousin Kylie for a sleepover. Kylie hates guinea pigs and thinks Milly will be a loner forever. Milly wonders if Kylie is right.

An old man is determined to get rid of a mouse in his house. He captures it in a box but, as he’s about to release it outside, he notices a cat waiting, ready to pounce. Now what should be do?

A small man lives in a suitcase. One day, after his home is repeatedly kicked over by a stranger, he gets his vengeance only to discover his preconceptions were wrong. Won Best Short Film and Children’s Jury Special Mention at the 2017 Montreal International Children’s Film Festival among other awards.