A Day in the Life

2021 Festival

ONLINE April 26 to May 9

Presented by Q99, the films in this package focus on pivotal moments that can change the course of a person’s life, or bring it to an untimely end.

Films in this package

After graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dr. Andrew Rynne interned in Canada where he was introduced to vasectomy after starting a general practice in Mitchell, Ontario. Upon his return in 1974, he challenged laws imposed by the Church and State by becoming the first doctor to perform vasectomies in Ireland. In…

A gifted cellist, who once vowed that she would never perform at weddings, has been doing so on a regular basis. Worse still, today’s groom is her ex-boyfriend. Memories of their time together begin to intrude on the day’s festivities.

A window cleaner falls from the top floor of a high-rise building, but manages to catch himself outside a woman’s window. While he tries to get her attention so she can call for help, she gets ready for a date.

Everything always seems to work out perfectly for Peggy, but her social graces are put to the test when she throws a birthday party for her eight-year-old son. Won Best Short Film at the 2019 Fort Myers Film Festival among other awards.

When Emillie returns home after renting her house to strangers, she finds everything in order and a thoughtfully written letter they left for her, but what really happened during her absence?

A man is so busy leading a double life that he can only spare a few moments to phone his worried grandparents before he returns to what he was doing.

A ride-sharing driver with a friendly manner and meticulously clean car learns that providing great customer service can have unforeseen consequences.