Extreme Measures

2014 Festival

Thur, May 8 @ 8:30 pm GPLT

Presented by Free FM and rated 14+ (Coarse Language, Sexual Violence), these films involve situations that drove people to take extreme measures to get what they want. Sometimes their actions were admirable, but more often, they were not. Award-winners in this package include a documentary, an animated short, and a black comedy. The package includes three foreign-language films (German, Spanish, and Norwegian) with English subtitles.

Films in this package

Cold Warrior

In 1980, 14-year-old Romanian gymnast Ana trains hard with her coach Teodor in the run-up to the Moscow Games. They want to win and the government has a plan that will give them an edge, but at what price?

Double Occupancy

Two old men share a hospital room. There is only one window that gives the nearest patient a view of the outside world, while the other fellow, confined to his bed, can only stare at the walls and his more fortunate roommate until a fateful choice presents itself. Won Best Animated Short Film at the…

Blue Division

In the summer of 1943, German attempts to conquer the strategic location of Leningrad have failed miserably. As a last resort, Hitler decides to send in his best men – the Spanish soldiers of Blue Division. Won Best Comedy at the 2013 Tolfa International Film Festival in Italy among many awards.

Strange Fish

Margarethe and her husband run the only restaurant on an island that tourists visit by the busload. One day a young couple opens a sushi bar next door. While her husband easily makes friends with the newcomers, Margarethe devises a plan to encourage them to back to where they came from.

A young man confronts Northern Ireland’s legacy of violence when he breaks into a home to avenge his father’s death and meets the boy who will be left fatherless as a result.

In this inspiring story about the struggle for marriage equality, Photographer Curtis Brown takes up his camera to fight a proposed amendment to North Carolina’s Constitution. Won Student Academy Award for Best Documentary.