Here Now & Hereafter (2015)

2015 Festival

Fri, May 8 @ 6:30 pm - L106, GPRC

This poignant package contains 6 films that look at the darkest subject, our own mortality, and reveal courage, hope, and insight. There are two foreign-language films (Spanish and Swedish) with English subtitles.

Films in this package

The Lion's Mouth Opens

This documentary follows a young Scottish actress who decides to find out whether she’s inherited the gene for Huntington’s Disease. If she has it, there will be no escape from the fate that awaits her: dementia and death. Won a Special Jury Award at 2014 Aspen Shortfest. Winner of the 2015 Best Documentary Short Award.

The Treehouse

In the shadow of a family funeral, a young boy retreats to the treehouse he built with his father and shuts himself in and the rest of the world out. An enigmatic young girl from next door helps him to come to terms with his loss and face up to his future. Won Best Cinematography…

The Life-Givers

In the caves below the earth are thousands of candles, each representing a human life. Life-Givers light the candles, signifying the birth of a child, while Death snuffs out the flame when the person’s time on earth has ended. A young apprentice Life-Giver struggles with the idea that life must one day come to an…


A young boy spends his days near his dad’s tomb. When a strange girl makes communication possible between father and son again, the boy is determined not to move away with his mother. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Oxen Films.

A Last Farewell

Haunted by visions of his late husband, and in conflict with his daughter who is trying to renew the ties between them, an aging author must tackle the impossible task of finding peace in the wake of a devastating loss. Won Best LGBT Short Film at the 2014 Cleveland International Film Festival among other awards.

What Cheer

After the sudden passing of his wife, a songwriter’s overwhelming grief takes the form of a 20-piece marching band that floods his world with boisterous, interminable song.