Hidden Stories (Grade 10-12 Social Studies)

2014 Festival

Wed, May 7 @ 9:45 am Jan Cinema; Sat, May 10 @ 6:00 pm GPLT

Chosen by teachers and presented by CKUA, this package of award-winning films is rated 10+ (Coarse Language, Gory Scenes). It explores world events through the hidden stories of individual people. Spanning Europe, Africa, South America and the US, this package includes an Oscar-nominated documentary, an Oscar-nominated drama, and four subtitled films with dialogue in Somali, Spanish, and German. In all of them, the strength of the human spirit to connect, to forgive, and to find hope is inspiring.

Films in this package


In a war-torn fishing village in Somalia, a young boy must help support his family by becoming a pirate like the older boys in his village or by becoming a fisherman despite his bad luck at fishing. Nominated for an Oscar in 2013 for Best Live Action Short.

Captive Radio

Every Sunday morning, men and women held hostage by rebel guerrilla groups deep in the Colombian jungle listen to messages from their families on The Voices of Kidnapping radio show. The harrowing personal accounts of police major Guillermo Solórzano and the parents of Juan Camilo Mora represent thousands of people who rely on the show…

Facing Fear

When a former neo-Nazi skinhead and the gay victim of his hate crime meet by chance 25 years later at the Museum of Tolerance, they embark on a journey of forgiveness that challenges both to grapple with their beliefs and fears, eventually leading to an improbable collaboration … and friendship. Nominated for an Oscar in…


In 1942, Nazi Germany occupies all of Yugoslavia. Nikola Radosevic is sent for desperately needed ammunition by a group of Partisans involved in the resistance movement, but instead he brings back a weapon he believes to be more powerful than guns. Despite their scorn, he risks his life to use it in this World War…

A Good Story

When Helga Landowsky discovers a broken jug in an antiques store near the German/Polish border, she wants it at any cost, but the shopkeeper inexplicably refuses to sell it to her even as she offers 10,000 euros for it. But she can have it for free … if she’ll tell him a good story. Won…

Oh Sheep

Two shepherds go to increasingly extreme lengths to keep their flocks separated. Symbolic of the efforts that governments use to delineate their territory and control their citizens, the most effective method of separation leads to the most destructive consequences. Won the Audience Award at the 2013 Monstra Festival in Lisbon among other awards. Winner of…