Let's Play (Gr 1-3) (2016)

2016 Festival

Mon, May 9 @ 9:30 am - GPLT; Thur, May 12 @ 1:30 pm - GPLT; Fri, May 13 @ 12:30 pm - GPLT; Sat, May 14 @ 4:00 pm - GPLT; Mon, May 16 @ 1:15 pm - DJC

Chosen by teachers, this delightful package contains 11 films about imagination, friendship, and adventure.

Films in this package

Figures drawn on the pages of a book come to life and move from page to page until one of them falls down a hole. Can the cat and the dog stop fighting long enough to get help?

Carlotta doesn’t know what to draw when her class is assigned the task of drawing animals that start with the letter M. Finally, inspiration strikes but her creation doesn’t do what she wants it to.

When a busy father drops his son off to spend the day with Grandpa, the Radio Flyer wagon that he played with as a boy alters the course of his day.

A young girl helps a tiny pilot with a broken flying machine in this delightful fable about the wonders of flight. Won 2015 Student Academy Award (Animation).

Able to see each other through their high-rise windows, two young girls become friends. When one of them must move away, she tries to find her friend’s apartment so she can say goodbye in person.

A cocoa-loving deer must clean up a mess every morning that’s caused by an earthquake every night. But one day, he discovers the truth and that changes everything!

On a piñata ranch, a boy enjoys playing with one of the livestock and fears that his father will take him to market.

Pluto’s friend convinces him to compete in a dance-off so that he can become a planet.

A brand new alarm clock is eager to ring for the first time, but will he be able to do it?

A hungry grey fox sets out for a morning hunt, hoping to find a tasty rodent snack, but the mouse he finds is no ordinary mouse. Trailer:

A chase begins in the savannah when a vulture flies away with a fruit watched over by a group of meerkats. Trailer: