Let's Play (Gr 1-3)

2015 Festival

Mon, May 4 @ 9:30 am - GPLT Mon, May 4 @ 12:45 pm - GPLT Wed, May 6 @ 9:30 am – GPLT Wed, May 6 @ 12:45 pm – GPLT Thur, May 7 @ 12:30 pm – GPLT Fri, May 8 @ 9:30 am - GPLT Sun, May 10 @ 11:00 am - GPLT

Chosen by teachers, this delightful package contains 9 films that focus on friendship and imagination. CAPTAIN FISH has some French dialogue with English subtitles, but the story can be understood very well without reading the subtitles.

Films in this package

A boy and his cat journey into unknown waters with a boat, a little bottle, and a vivid imagination. Won Best Animated Short Film at the 2014 Omaha International Film Festival among other awards.

On her first day at a new school, a self-conscious young girl hides behind a homemade rabbit mask until a new friend gives her the courage to be seen just the way she is.

A dog must learn to cope with an automatic cleaning robot that sucks up every crumb off the floor before he can get to it.

A journey into the imagination of two young children who share an instant connection as fans of the same superhero duo.

Set in 14th century Scotland, a bored shepherd is inspired by one of his sheep to create one of the most popular entertainments of modern day.

What happens when a little girl decides to save the food she refuses to eat? Won the Audience Award for Best Children’s Film at the 2014 Warsaw International Film Festival.

A small alien creature lives all alone on a tiny planet. He spends his time collecting garbage that falls from the intergalactic highways high above his planet until one day something falls that changes his life forever.

A young, disabled dog in foster care gets a new leash on life with the help of an older, wiser friend so that he can become adoptable and find his furever home. Winner of the 2015 Youth Audience Choice Award.

When a zebra runs into a tree, the results are surprising.