Light the Way

2012 Festival

Wed, May 2 @ 12:30 pm

Chosen by teachers as suitable for Grade 10-12 English and French students, these fascinating films provide many examples of allegory as well as a great comedy about a young man’s job interview in a post-apocalyptic world. Director Michelle Steffes (The Interview) from Los Angeles will participate in a 15-minute Q&A following the films.

Films in this package

A young man sets out for an interview at a radio station in a post-apocalyptic world where he may be the second-to-last man on Earth trying to get a job from the last man on Earth.  Won the Grand Prize for Best Fiction at USA Film Festival. There’ll be a Q&A with Michelle Steffes following…

Tension between a young boy and his mother escalates as she tries to keep him from the window and the world outside their apartment.

Rockabilly meets Wild West in this animated tale of a young man who finds himself in the back of a hot rod occupied by four sinister ghouls.  From the rumbleseat of their car, he revisits memorable moments of his life.  Indie rockers The Sadies provide the soundtrack.  Won Best Animated Short at the 2011 Atlanta…

A young woman and her mountaineering companions are caught in a storm as night falls.  Their only lifeline is a state policeman who tries to talk them through the night until help can arrive.  Won the Grand Prize at the 2010 Festival du film d’Autrans.

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After sending messages back and forth across an ocean, two lovers risk everything for the chance to meet.  Won the Grand Jury Award for Best Animated Short at the 2011 Florida Film Festival among many others.

Sunlight provides the magnetic force that pulls people to their factory jobs and sends them back home again.  A man has an audacious plan to break out of this rut.  Won the Audience Award and Fipresci Award at the 2011 Annecy International Animation Festival among many other awards.

Campbell Scott stars in this cautionary tale of a gatekeeper on the road to fame.  Be very careful what you wish for…

The streets of Sainte-Cécile are Lou’s refuge.  The birds are her inspiration and she longs to be one of them, to fly away from home.