Lost & Found (2019)

2019 Festival

Mon, May 6 @ 9:30 AM – DJC; Tues, May 7 @ 1:00 PM – GPLT; Wed, May 8 @ 1:00 PM – GPLT

Presented by Capstan Hauling. This engaging package contains films about losing something or finding something. Several relate to making new friends. It includes an Oscar-nominated film, an imaginative fable about the source of rain, and a time-travelling bottle that transmits messages between two children.

Films in this package

Finding a specific book in a library can be difficult, especially if one begins to suspect that it’s hiding.

A dog lives happily with his master, a shepherd who shears wool to make clouds from which the rain falls. But one day, the shepherd doesn’t leave his bed, the clouds don’t form, and it doesn’t rain. Drought comes to the valley and the dog must find a way to bring back the rain.

A young girl dreams of becoming an astronaut. From the day she witnesses a rocket launching into space on TV, she is inspired to reach for the stars with the support of her humble father. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Animation among other awards.

On the day of a young girl’s heart transplant, her transplant cooler gets lost in transit and must make it back to her before time runs out.

A young boy feels lonely at his new school and develops an obsession to buy a fancy augmented reality toy that the other kids are playing with together.

An old man in a care home has few visitors because of his deafness. When a trainee care worker stops by to visit, they discover a way to communicate while playing a board game.

Bored while stopped at a red light, a boy and a girl in separate cars start playing Rock Paper Scissors. Realizing their new friendship will end as soon as the light turns green, they try everything possible to exchange phone numbers before it does.

A friendship develops between two children, one in 1918, the other in 2018, who discover that they can magically communicate across time through messages in a bottle. Won Youth Audience Choice at the 2019 Reel Shorts Film Festival.