Love is Blind

2015 Festival

Tues, May 5 @ 6:00 pm - GPLT; Fri, May 8 @ 4:00 pm - GPLT

Presented by Q99 and the Holiday Inn, this romantic package contains 7 films that capture the joy and heartache of love, from first kiss to final farewell. There are three Spanish films with English subtitles. This package includes the world premiere of JULIAN and will be followed by a Q&A with the Director Devon Burbank and actors Brendan Wyant and Mike Evans.

Films in this package

Equal parts documentary and animation, Lyn Schofield’s memories of her youth, love and family life come alive through everyday household objects.

In this Mexican adaptation of American playwright Mark Harvey Levin’s short play The Kiss, a young woman’s quiet night in doing laundry is interrupted when her good friend stops by to ask for an honest appraisal of how he kisses.

On a crowded bus during rush hour, Laura notices that she shares the handrail with a very attractive stranger. As if unintentionally, she slides her hand towards his.

Two lonely souls notice each other through the window and begin a conversation through hand-written notes, but will their fears spoil their chance at finding love? Won Audience Choice at the 2014 Atlanta ShortsFest among many other awards.

Each evening, Spencer plays piano, his music flowing through the window into the night unnoticed, until one day a violinist responds and they share a beautiful musical connection. But then the music stops, leaving Spencer determined to find his mystery violinist.

Mariela is convinced that her boyfriend plans to propose and Oliver tries to plan the most romantic proposal he can think of in this comedic look at how reality and romance often conflict. Won the Audience Choice Award for Best Comedy at the 2015 Sedona International Film Festival among other awards.

Julian is simply passing time at his dreary job until a new girl is hired and changes everything.