Nature Notes (Grade 1-3)

2021 Festival

ONLINE April 26 to May 9

Presented by ATB and Swan City Rotary Club. This delightful package contains films about the nature of friendship, home, and family, and provides unexpected contrasts with many opportunities for lively discussion afterwards.

Films in this package

Autumn is here and the birds are flying south. Wolfy and his friends want to fly too. Lacking wings, they must use their imagination to fly high in the sky, but can they escape from winter like the birds?

A little fox has a happy family although it’s an unusual one. His parents are geese. One day, he observes a grown fox attacking a goose. Confused about who he really is, he runs into the forest. Alone and frightened, he finds the answer just as his parents find him. Won 1st Prize 2D Animation…

A daughter gets her wish and switches places with her dad for a day.

When a green, noisy, and caring bird lays its first egg, it faces many challenges as it tries to help the egg to hatch. Won the 2018 Student Academy Award for Best Animated Short.

The full moon inspires a bird to sing and a group of forest animals to join in. Won the Audience Award for Best Animation Short Film at the 2019 San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.

Elko lives in an abandoned house with only a potted plant for company until the day a young man arrives with his tools to begin renovations. A war of wills begins as the little creature tries to undo everything the young man does.

A guide dog’s retriever instincts take over as he chases a tennis ball while his blind master searches for him through a dangerous construction site.