On the Job (2022)

2022 Festival

Wednesday, April 27 @ 7:30 pm-GPLT

This insightful package explores characters dealing with the responsibilities of their work and the impact of their dedication.
There will be a Q&A after the screening with Edmonton filmmaker Frederick Kroetsch (BLIND AMBITION: THE WOP MAY STORY) and an after-party upstairs in Encores Lounge after that.

Films in this package

Kathleen is a hairdresser. Always has been. Always will be. Even at 83, she’s still doing hair. But not in the way one would expect. Her work is special. Won Best Documentary Short and Best Canadian Short at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

Bernd Ziegler’s childhood dream of becoming a train driver came true, but the nightmare of unintentionally killing people who jump in front of his train was something he had to learn to live with.

A British chimney sweeper in 1840 describes his everyday routine of forcing young children to work as a “climbing boy”. Won Special Jury Prize for Animation at the 2022 Big Muddy Film Festival among other awards.

Bernard Bosa has been offering vibration sessions in Quebec for more than 10 years. As he makes a didgeridoo, he talks about the process of transforming a dead tree into an instrument and how vibration can heal emotional pain.

A psychiatrist asks his patient to once again relate the story of how he came to attempt suicide so that the doctor can assess whether he can safely release the young man from the psychiatric ward.

Minutes before takeoff, a passenger on a commercial flight refuses to sit down in an attempt to prevent the deportation of a man on board. Won Best Nordic Short Film at the 2020 Nordisk Panorama among other awards. Won Best Live Action Short Under 15 Minutes Award at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

He survived a dogfight with The Red Baron. He was one of the first barnstormers. He connected the world to the Arctic. He helped invent search and rescue in WW2. Wilfrid “Wop” May was an Edmonton hero who had sight in only one eye when he became a legendary bush pilot after the war. Won…

Jim Abernethy is a conservationist and ecotourism operator who discovered the “affectionate” side of large predatory sharks more than 20 years ago after removing a fishing hook from the jaws of a tiger shark. Since then, he has removed thousands of hooks from sharks in the warm,clear waters off the Bahamas, and has brought divers…