Out of This World

2013 Festival

Wed, May 1 @ 8:00 pm; Thur, May 2 @ 9:00 pm; Sat, May 4 @ 5:30 pm

Presented by Q99 and the Stanford Hotel, this package of other-worldly films will take you into outer space or into an alternate past and future on earth. It features the world premiere of THE HORIZON PROJECT, the film directed by Scott Belyea as part of the festival’s Shoot for Reel internship program last summer. There will be a Q&A with Scott Belyea and Producer Dave Rice followed by an after-party.

Films in this package

Death of a Shadow

Stuck in a dark limbo between life and death, a deceased solder collects shadows of the dying to buy back his own second chance at life so that he can be with the woman he loves. When he discovers that she’s in love with someone else, the temptation to use his other-worldly powers becomes impossible…

Bunker 731

A married couple learns that their release from a government regulated bomb shelter has been delayed due to persistently high radiation levels. Starving and desperate, they debate their last resort for survival.

Light Years

Finn finally gets a chance to go on a space mission but he starts experiencing strange hallucinations before deciding whether to go. It becomes more and more difficult for him to differentiate between reality and illusion, until he finally realizes the truth. Won the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis for Best Short Film 2012.


Twenty years after witnessing the total destruction of planet Earth, extreme boredom becomes too much to handle for two astronauts living inside a cramped space station.

The Horizon Project

Survivors of a biological pandemic find refuge with Horizon Corporation which provides secure transport to the safety of Horizon City. This is the festival-produced film that was shot during Shoot for Reel, a 2-week internship program July 9-20, 2012. There’ll be a Q&A with Director Scott Belyea and Producer Dave Rice after the screening.