Pizza Party & Psycho Shorts (2015)

2015 Festival

Fri, May 8 @ 11:15 pm – DJC, GPRC

Presented by Rock 977 and Pizza Hut, this popular package of horror shorts starts with a pizza party at 11:15 pm (includes complimentary pizza and pop; cash bar) followed by 6 horror shorts starting at midnight. There are two Spanish films with English subtitles.

Films in this package

  An overweight man, obsessed with calorie counting, has his sanity pushed to the limits by a fitness freak who mocks him.  

At a vibrant music festival, a young couple’s hedonistic weekend turns into a desperate fight for survival as they are terrorized by a gang of masked festival goers.  

A young girl is brought to a nineteenth-century mansion to join nine other children who are trapped and living under the abuses of the Huckster, a woman who likes to be referred to as “mother,” but the girl’s obstinacy disrupts the strict order in the house and reveals the true horror within it.  

After a viral pandemic turns humans into flesh-craving mutants, adventurer Hunter Smith hunts them down on his TV show “Get Some,” tracking and killing them for the entertainment of the surviving population.  

  A young boy manages to survive alone in a post-apocalyptic world until he finds an ally when a woman saves him from an attack. But how long can they both continue to live in a world gone mad?  

  On a cold winter night, Laura reads to her brother from a book that he found. The story about a strange creature that attacks children is disturbing so she stops reading it, but it’s too late. There’s a strange presence in the house. It’s him.