Post-Apocalypse Now

2012 Festival

Sat, May 5 @ 7:30 pm

The dark visions of a post-apocalyptic world that start off this package give way to a pitch-perfect comedy and the real-world ability of Japan to recover from such devastation. Vancouver Writer/Director Scott Belyea (Children of the Dark) grew up in Grande Prairie and both he and Director of Photography Scooter Corkle lead the Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshops. They will participate in a 20-minute Q&A following the films along with Director Michelle Steffes (The Interview) from Los Angeles.

Films in this package

When an elderly farmer on an isolated farm in northern Germany learns that a gigantic asteroid will hit earth within 16 hours and wipe out all of mankind, he conceals it from his wife so that her last day will not be one of fear.  Won the Audience Award at the 2011 Augsburger Kurzfilmtage.

On her way home, a woman becomes a victim of a strange infection.  While struggling to find a cure, she realizes that she’s not alone.  The epidemic is spreading and desperate times require hard choices.

Survivors in the areas hardest hit by Japan’s 2011 tsunami find the courage to rebuild as cherry blossom season begins.  Nominated for an Oscar in 2012 for Best Documentary Short.

A teenager must protect his younger brother in a post-apocalyptic world.  Won the Audience Choice Award and Grand Prize at the 2011 Bloodshots Filmmaking Challenge under its original title Of the Dark. There’ll be a Q&A with Writer/Director Scott Belyea and Director of Photography Scooter Corkle following the screening.

A young man sets out for an interview at a radio station in a post-apocalyptic world where he may be the second-to-last man on Earth trying to get a job from the last man on Earth.  Won the Grand Prize for Best Fiction at USA Film Festival. There’ll be a Q&A with Michelle Steffes following…