Prejudice & Pride

2013 Festival

Fri, May 3 @ 9:00 pm

These wonderful films have characters in them who are not part of the mainstream heterosexual crowd. Their stories show the prejudice that they face but also the pride they have or develop in being who they are.

Films in this package

The Maiden and the Princess

When their 10-year-old daughter kisses another little girl during recess, Emmy’s parents convince her that the kiss must have been “an accident.” Wishing to set her on the “right” path in life, the Grand High Council of Fairy Tale Rules and Standards assigns Hammond to narrate “The Maiden and the Prince” to her and he…

Ursula's Victory

On a stormy night, a teenaged girl uses a shovel to break into the cemetery and start unearthing a recent grave. She is knocked unconscious by the caretaker who thinks she’s a graverobber. To convince him that she’s not, she tells him about the person who’s buried there and pleads for his help.


A couple has a baby but is unable to keep it. On the other side of town, another couple desperately wants a baby but is not allowed to have one. For a brief moment, their lives intersect at a baby hatch in Vienna. Won the Festival Prize for Best Overall Film at the 2012 Poppy…


After her plans to start a family fall apart, Nikki Holiday, a drag queen cabaret star, tries to fill the void in her life. Won Best Narrative at the 2012 Humboldt International Film Festival.

Flamingo Pride

In the midst of a giant flock of flamingos, there is one bird who thinks he might fit in better with the other side.