Psycho Shorts & Pizza Party (2016)

2016 Festival

Fri, May 13 @ 9:15 pm - GPLT; Fri, May 13 @ 11:15 pm - GPLT

There are 2 screenings of this popular package of horror shorts presented by Rock 97.7 and Pizza Hut and each screening includes the pizza party (complimentary pizza and pop, cash bar) at 11:15 pm. There will be a Q&A with THE SOUVENIR Writer/Producer/Directors Chris Beauchamp and Gordie Haakstad as well as LAZARUS Producer Eric Durnford following the 9:15 pm screening; and they will introduce their films at the beginning of the midnight screening.

Films in this package

A young teacher takes a job at an unusual private school where she soon discovers that the boys have a sinister power over the girls. Won the Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film at the 2015 Fantastic Cinema Festival among other awards.

When her car breaks down and a handsome stranger offers to give her a ride, Emily begins to realize there is more to Sweet Hollow Road than she ever could have imagined. Won Best Horror Film at the 2015 Another Hole in the Head Film Festival.

At a young age, respectful hunters learn to disturb as little as possible. But what’s the price when you break those rules? There will be a Q&A with Chris Beauchamp and Gordie Haakstad after the screening. Winner of the Best Peace Region Short Award.

Strange things begin to happen after mountaineers disturb a dormant sickness while climbing in the Rocky Mountains. There will be a Q&A with Producer Eric Durnford after the first screening.

Kat and her eco-warrior friends work to expose a bio-chemistry company’s animal testing, but it soon becomes clear the company is willing to test on more than just animals.

Two severed heads wake up in a fridge and begin planning their escape from the psycho barber who put them there. First thing they have to do is get re-attached to their bodies before running away becomes an option!