Psycho Shorts & Pizza Party (2018)

2018 Festival

Fri, May 11 @ 9:30 pm - GPLT

Presented by Pizza Hut, the psychos are loose in this popular package of horror shorts, as the fear of the unknown creates chills (and a few laughs).

Films in this package

A couple’s plans for Halloween night take a bit of a nasty turn.

During the Vietnam War, a Viet Cong soldier, stationed in the claustrophobic Cu Chi tunnels, is haunted by the ghost of a fallen comrade after the burial ceremony is compromised.

When a newlywed couple and the groom’s sister arrive at a mysterious gas station, strange things start to happen.

The night can be dark and full of horrors for small children, especially for Saul who has to cross a long dark corridor to get to the bathroom at night. His father impatiently waits for him to cross the corridor on his own and assures the boy that he’ll be watching the whole time. There’s…

Stan and Victor are two vampire friends who have lived together for centuries. Stuck in an eternal routine, they spend their time arguing with each other like an old couple. Unable to take it any longer, Stan tries to kill himself … in vain!

Quenottes (Pearlies) is the little mouse from childhood, known as the tooth fairy in some countries, the one who probably brought your first coins in exchange for a tooth hidden under your pillow. Won Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the 2016 Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival.


In a little forsaken village a woman prepares the funeral of her husband with utmost care – she wants everything to go according to plan, since for her it is very important to get in good with the guests. Won Best Short Film at the 2017 Sitges-Catalonian International Film Festival among other awards.