Psycho Shorts Nightmare Matinee

2017 Festival

Sat, May 13 @ 2:30 pm – GPLT

The psychos are loose in this popular package of horror shorts. A sentient abyss, a demon, and a murderer of babysitters are just some of the creatures of horror to frighten you!

Films in this package

A dark and stormy night. An innocent babysitter all alone. An escaped psychopath out for blood. You know how this story will play out… Or do you? Won the Audience Award for Best Short at the 2016 Dead by Dawn Film Festival among other awards. Winner of the 2017 Audience Choice Award.

A young woman wakes in the middle of the night to find strange bite marks on her leg.

Clinging to a smooth, curved surface high above a black abyss, a young woman tries to cover the few feet back to safety while beneath her, strange sounds emanate up from the darkness.. Won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the 2016 Knoxville Horror Film Fest among many other awards.

A boy plans a special gift for his mother.

A songwriter must decide what lines he’s willing to cross when a dark entity starts providing him with inspiration in exchange for an ever increasing price. Won Best Cinematographer at the 2016 Show Me Shorts Film Festival.

Arianne is a divorced mother obsessed with the idea that her ex-husband might take her baby away from her. At a birthday party, a mysterious old woman tells Arianne that a man is following her. Back at home with her little baby, Arianne will have to fight something a lot darker than her deepest fears,…

A young priest is sent to a remote island off the Irish coast to help protect an isolated fishing community from dark supernatural forces, but nothing is as it seems. Won the European Grand Prix Best Short Film at the 2016 Fantasporto Festival. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and TW Films…