School Favorites - Sprouts

2018 Festival

Sat, May 12 @ 1:30 pm - GPLT

Chosen by popular vote from the Grade 1-6 students in our school program, this package will contain a surprise mix of entertaining and engaging films for the whole family.

Films in this package

A pirate and his lovable monkey discover a treasure chest that will grant any wish … but only if the monkey makes the wish. How can the pirate get the monkey to wish for gold instead of bananas? Won Best Animation Film at the 2017 Breckenridge Festival of Film among other awards.

Toad Geno and his neighbours are forced to seek a new habitat when the pond where they live becomes a construction site.

When a drone threatens its flock, a crow awakens a scarecrow to protect them.

When a Chinese Lion Dancer performing in a city parade sees a beautiful young woman, it’s love at first sight for both of them, but the parade must continue. How will they find each other again?

A very old apartment dweller steps out of her “cage” and into the big city after her pet bird is accidentally set free by the little girl next door. As she searches for her lost bird, she discovers something bigger than the city itself.

While her mother tries to teach her how to hunt, a mosquito confesses that she doesn’t like blood. Won Best Animation Film at the 2017 Breckenridge Festival of Film among other awards.

Kit, the eager beaver, embarks on an odyssey through four seasons in a Canadian forest where she learns about compassion, failure, survival and community. The film features an original score performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Playtime turns into uncontrolled shenanigans when a child discovers rag dolls in an antique chest. Her imagination runs wild, but for the dolls’ real-life doppelgangers, self-control is out of their hands. Won Best Short Comedy at the 2017 South Dakota Film Festival among other awards. Won the 2018 Youth Audience Choice Award.

Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig Sherbert. But Milly’s mother wants her to have a “real” friend to play with and invites Milly’s older cousin Kylie for a sleepover. Kylie hates guinea pigs and thinks Milly will be a loner forever. Milly wonders if Kylie is right.