Sprouts for Kids (2022)

2022 Festival

Saturday, April 30 @ 2:00 pm - GPLT

This delightful package contains the films selected for the school program (Flights of Imagination for grades 1-3 and New Worlds for grades 4-6) that the whole family can enjoy.

Films in this package

A farm of instrument animals welcomes a new member who must find a different way to fit in.

A scarecrow’s easy life is turned upside down by the arrival of a hardworking new neighbour who’s eager to keep the crows off his property.

A cricket faces many challenges on his quest for water on a hot sunny day.

Gruf is a graffiti character who comes to life and falls in love with the street artist who created him. He desperately tries to find her in the shabby streets of Tel Aviv and discovers that interdimensional love is not easy. Won Best Animation (over 5 minutes) at the 2021 Bristol International Short Film Festival…

When young fossil hunter Mary Anning finds something truly remarkable in the Jurassic cliffs of Dorset, she finds herself locked in an ideological battle with a devious auctioneer and the soon-to-crumble worldviews of 19th century England.

A French soldier is sent to scout for an unknown object that fell from the sky in no man’s land on the Vosges frontline on Christmas Eve, 1916. As he encounters a German soldier sent on the same mission, they raise their rifles, ready to shoot, until they realize who has crashed and needs their…

With the goal of proving that the earth is flat, a man travels to space in his homemade rocket. Will he find the truth out there?

An orangutan in Borneo catches sight of something bright floating down through the forest canopy. She follows it, not realizing it has the power to change her world.

A ten-year-old girl is thrilled when her mother finally agrees to let her have a dog, but she begins to suspect that her mother isn’t telling her what’s really going on. A short film adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s bestselling book. Screened with the kind permission of Network Ireland Television and Welcome Home Pictures. Won the…

In a land where the rain never stops, a young girl plays under the protective “umbrella-beard” of her father. When her dog disappears, she must face her great fear, the rain. Won the Best Animated Short Award at the 2022 Reel Shorts Film Festival.

A preteen girl tries to escape the constant hovering of her overly protective helicopter mom.