Turning Point

2016 Festival

Fri, May 13 @ 6:30 pm - GPLT

This intriguing package contains 6 films that focus on a turning point in a character’s life. With films from Europe, the US, and right here in the Peace Region, it includes 3 foreign-language films (2 French and 1 Norwegian) and features the world premiere of LEAVING SID. There will be a Q&A with LEAVING SID’s Writer/Director Monty Simo after the screening.

Films in this package

To celebrate his eleventh birthday, a boy goes with his mother to the local hardware store in Tupelo, Mississippi to buy his present. Although he’s been saving for a bike, a .22 rifle catches his eye. His mother is adamantly against the gun, so the helpful store clerk offers an alternative. Won Best International Short…

Eight-year-old Elisa lives with her mother in a small isolated village of the French Alps. Her mother works every night in a bar in town leaving Elisa at home alone. Elisa copes with her fear and loneliness by constantly wearing a wolf hand puppet. Then one morning, she hears on the radio that real wolves…

Alpinist Mick Follari fled to the mountains from a tragic past, finding solace on alpine expeditions. His dreams of a climbing legacy are suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by the impending birth of his child. He struggles to embrace a new life and a new identity, but not before a dangerous and remote expedition in Afghanistan.

When their friend dies in a base-jumping accident, Joachim and Øyvind plan to scatter his ashes while they make the same jump that killed him. Impending fatherhood has forced Joachim to promise that this will be his last base jump. When a storm approaches and his friend wants to turn back, Joachim is determined to…

A writer and his muse craft a story about a man who’s afraid to leave his house and the friend he relies upon to be his only contact with the outside world. There will be a Q&A with Monty Simo after the screening.

When three maintenance technicians arrive at the home of Jean and Maria, Jean pulls a gun on them. Is it dementia that’s causing him to act so irrationally?