Posted by Terry on April 24, 2011

Our souvenir program will go to the printers on Monday and it’s gorgeous!  Our new look is complete – new logo, new website, new design for the program.  It’s the completion of a lightning quick rebranding package put together for us by Chris Beauchamp of Beauchamp Creative.

Why did we embark on rebranding?  A comment that a visiting filmmaker had made in 2009 had stayed with me.  He said, “You have the workings of a really great festival – really great – but you need a poster and website that embody the quality of art you screen.  They need to be better than quaint.”  And I agreed with him, but who would be the right person to take us from “quaint” to “great”?

Exactly 3 months and a day before our 2011 festival opens on May 4th, I met Chris and knew he was the one who could capture the image we wanted to portray.  But I didn’t think there was enough time to get it all done in time for this festival.  Chris assured me that there was, and he was right.  So our first big milestone – our 5th festival – comes with a complete new look.  I love it, but what do you think?

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