Posted by Chris on May 7, 2011

Well, we’re about half-way through the festival now, and there’s still time to see some awesome screenings. I got out today to both the Gruff & Stuff screening and to see some of the student filmmakers in action down at Muskoseepi Pavillion and the Grande Prairie Museum. I wanted to share some of the photos I took.

Charlie group from the 2011 Reel Shorts Youth Filmmaking Challenge. Most of them, anyway...

Filmmaker Rio Fitch and his son Skyler

Filmmaker Rio Fitch and his son Skyler were in attendance this morning taking questions about their film The Driving Accident.

The Second Street Theatre was packed with young elementary students.

Enjoying themselves...

Deep in thought...

In suspense...

I also made my way over to the Youth Filmmaking Challenge workshops going on outside the Muskoseepi Pavillion.

Participating students work hand-on with real filmmakers.

This was the "Charlie" group. Apparently their plot involves murder by shovel.

Students take turns using the different equipment over a three-day production cycle that involves some very fast-paced shooting.

More shovel murder. This is the close-up, I think.

In the afternoon, the group wrapped outdoor shooting, and moved into some of the historic buildings at the Museum.

One of these characters is playing a divinity, but you'll have to attend one of the Best of the Fest screenings on Sunday to see which one. All three student workshop films will be screened. Check it out!


Chris Beauchamp

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