Reel Shorts 2011

  • 09:00
  • Canada
  • 2010

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In a creepy government waiting room, our guilty little heroine, Pochsy (anagram for “psycho”), descends through seven levels of hell as she awaits the Tax Man’s wrath. Won Grand Jury Prize, Show Us Your Shorts International Short Film Festival, and Audience Choice Award, Dawson International Film Festival.

Director’s Statement

Pochsy works at Mercury Packers where she packs mercury. … Her name is an anagram for “psycho.”  In creating her character, my aim was to create a girl who is a microcosm of us all: a perfect product of our insecure and egocentric times.  Pochsy’s name is pronounced “Poxy” and is a cuter-sounding reference to the pox.  She is my 21st century answer to Charlie Chaplin’s Hitler, bouncing a globe around his shadowy quarters.  The Pochsy films are designed to provide a moment’s release from ever-present dread; their comedy as black as their little dresses.  Pochsy is a spokesgirl for a species on the brink: her horror is real, but her outfits are adorable.




  • Karen Hines